What oil is recommended for Ford (Focus) in Europe, Japan, Australia?

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Jan 15, 2004
Dallas, TX
Like many Ford Focus and other Fords owners with recommended engine oil 5w20 I'm curious what is the basis for suggesting to use it all year round and how it affects the end-user best interests (i.e. engine life). Is Zetec 2.0 offered outside the US? Ira
I looked at a few web pages and Aral of Germany listed synthetic 5W-30 for the 2.0 liter engine. Liqui-moly of Germany and also Castrol of Australia didn't have a engine oil listing for that particular engine. Aral is now owned by BP.
Looking at the Aus. page link here, it states to use the "Valvoline Armor" 15w-40 for 1994-5 2.0L and then changes to 10w-30 for the years after 1995. Is this CAFE repercussions trickling into Australia?
Here in the U.S. my Toyota manual only recomens 5W30. Both of those European sites recomended 40Wt oils. Bp Visco 7000 0W40 and Valvoline recomended 15W40. I have been useing Redline 5W40!
Well, I couldn't find any reference to oil on the "source" sites (like Ford's sites in Australia, Spain, Italy or England), so I started e-mailing everybody just for the heck of it: hearsay is good, but to hear it first-hand is even better. So far the answer from Australia is "1)Yes & 2)5w30". The questions I asked were: "1)is Zetec 2.0 offered in Ford Focus, 2)what's the recommended oil weight". Too bad, but most likely I don't know enough German to find my way through their website (if there is such). But I sure can call Spain and Italy and GB to find out, since I got autoreply from the Italian site saying they temporarily don't answer e-mails, and the Spanish wrote back with some 4 large paragraphs of blah-blah-blah instead of 2 1-line answers to 2 simple questions. [ February 10, 2004, 09:51 AM: Message edited by: Ma-fia ]
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