What oil in my climate?

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Mar 2, 2003
So Cal
I'm runnin 5/30 M1 and M1 filters right now on both my 2001 f150 and my 2000 toy avalon. both cars have 42k. I just switched to syn. plan to Auto-rx both cars at the end of this cycle. It can get down to 30f in the winter sometimes but get up to 110f in the summer. Should I be using 10/30? or somethin else. BTW I love this site!!!!
I would use M1 5w-30 in winter and M1 5W-40 in summer, especially if it gets as hot as you say. It will protect your engine better during those long commutes, with lots of stop and go.
Why M1? Because its generally cheaper and easier to obtain than Amsoil and Redline.
yeah it seems to be the happy medium between price and convenience. A lot of people I know have used it for a long time with good results. Redline is a little rich for my blood and I would consider Amsoil if it was sold on the shelve. No offence to the amsoil guys but the amway method kinda bugs me(flame not intended). I know a lot of these guys are good guys!
I would just run the 10W-30 in both Summer and Winter. I have done this in Pa. for years. You could also go with the 5W-40 Delvac all year around.


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