What oil for my car?

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Aug 25, 2002
I am kinda new to this site. I have been reading alot tho. Confused on many things however. I am sure this has prolly been asked lots of times, but read there are different variables for what my car will be doing, so Ill give it a shot.

I drive a 98 integra with 49k on it. I bought it at 39k and started using Mobil 1 since then and Mobil 1 filters. Now at 49K i still use Mobil 1 filters, and the new Mobil 1. However..then and now..I still burn oil
Average is like a quart every 2k.

I have dont a compression test, that is all good. I know it could still be my oil rings...But im not sure about that
PCV valve was replaced. I am also going to install a catch can in about a week..Going to see if the oil is getting burned that way (if it collects in the catch can..then I know
) No leaks or anything like that tho.

So anyway..back to topic here. I daily drive my car. Back and forth to work and school. Its about 40 Miles a day on average. I normally drive on the highway. Sometimes I do take backroads and like to "beat" on the car a bit. Like to get my full use out of it I guess.

What oil should I look into getting? I kinda want, well..not the best, but close to it. As the best can be over kill for my situation (redline). But I do want a nice oil that does its job, and I can still take care of my baby
Am I doing good with Mobil 1?

How about the filter? I have read on a few threads that mobil 1 filters restrict flow?
Dont know what all this means.. but ya.. Should I be looking for a different filter?

Thanks for the help guys. I really do appreciate it
Mobil1 filters are great; won't restrict oil flow if you're using the proper filter.

You will probably use less oil if you use a petroleum-based (dino) oil, so I'd go with a good dino oil and change it every 3,000 miles. You can use M1 if you want, but it likely won't make much difference in the life of the motor.
You will get more milage out of your car with Mobil 1 oil I believe. I would not change brands of oil. I would use another filter because of the flow problem and it will save you some money.
The puralator preimum plus is a good filter at a reasonable price. You need to solve you oil consumption problem. I would start by replacing the pcv value. Go to the dealer and get an exact replacement. If that does not change your consumption do a compression test which will tell
you if oil is leaking around your valves or rings.
You can use this test to make some decisions on what to do next.
Finally you may want to use a thicker oil and mobil 1 0w-40 would be my next step. You can also use 10w-30 and add one quart of 15w-50 as
some people on this site have reported this will
slow consumption well. Good luck!
I'd stick with M1 either 10w-30, 10w-30 + 15w-50 or 0w-40. I have just switched to 0w-40 and my consumption so far is very good at 1k miles @ 80mph, 120mile daily commute. You will take a small hit in mpg and HP, but nothing too drastic. Redline and Amsoil would be great choices, but I think your in the overkill category at that point. JMO
I drive an Integra also and this web site has been super informative on oil, filters, consumption, etc.. for me. Like many other honda/acura owners, especially with VTEC engines, a bit of oil consumption is expected. Like you, I wanted to take advantage of what sythetic oils had to offer but with cost savings and convienience being an influence on choice. So Mobil 1 became my weapon of choice. I would consume about 1-1.5 qts every 3k miles with 10W-30. With dino oil, I really didn't consume anything significant. To make a long story short, I mixed 2qts of M1 0W-40 with 2.25qts of M1 10w-30. This raised the viscosity to the higher end of the 30 wt. scale (~12.0cst). M1 5w-30 and 10w-30 are pretty thin for a 30 wt oil (~9.5-9.6cst) in many peoples eyes. In conclusion, I have not burn any oil after 1.5k miles and feel this combination is an improvement. If your Integra is the non-VTEC model, I would chose a quality dino oil over synthetic since the redline is lower, unless extended intervals is your goal. With a redline of 8100 rpm for the GSR and 8400 rpm for the Type-R, I would get a little scared redlining with dino oil since shearing stresses are very high at these engine speeds IMHO.
Alright, So stick with what i got so far eh?

As for the person who said to a compression. I did..I stated that in the first post.

Any other opinions?
A qt every 2,000 miles may not be that bad if not at all. Valve guide seals maybe? does it smoke, when ? I would add oil as needed and not worry unless it smokes all the time ,Less than $2.00 per qt. petro oil vs. valve guide replacement. re- ring etc.I have never used the auto rx if it works try it ,it's not that expensive considering any repair cost unless it's a very minor repair.

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