What oil for 5k?

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Feb 8, 2004
Huntsville, AL
I have to abide by the 5k oil change under my warenty. VW reccomends a 5w-40 for my v6, which means a synthic, I guess, because I haven't seen a dino 5w-40. I don't want an oil that will shear and cause sludge, but it seems the best oils would be a waste of money for 5k changes. Are they? Would a good syn. blend be ok? If so, what weight? Thanks for any suggestions!
You could use Beligian Castrol 5w-40. Take a look at it in the Virgin oil section. You could also use Redline 5w-40, or Delvac 1, it is a 5w-40 as well and probably Mobil's best oil.
I agree with cryptokid. If you're forced into 5k mi OCIs and 5W-40, go with Shell's Rotella T syn. WalMart carries it for around $13/gal, but the local auto parts chains all have it for only $1 more (& I save a lot more than $1-worth of time by avoiding WalMart).
Running a full, PAO/Ester synthetic is a no brainer, but I gathered he was looking for a significantly less expensive approach?

I'd run the Delo 400, 15w-40, which you can get for < $6.50/gallon at most places. I see very little difference between a 15w-40, GP II oil and a 5w-40, GP III oil except for price and very cold weather performance. The levels of saturates is the same for both groups, but the GP III has a VI of > 120, instead of 100-120 for the GP II stuff. All you are doing with GP III oils is cooking them a bit longer....

Considering he lives in Alabama, the 15w-40 is fine year round. I run a 20w-50 synthetic year round in my old, 1990 Audi 100 and it starts easily at 15F-20F ....The SAE 5w-40 recommendation is a "one size fits all" compromise, that works okay in cold or hot climates, but common sense tells you it's not needed for places where the temps rarely gets below freezing.

As recently as 1999, VW/Audi were recommending 15w-40/15w-50 oils down to 5F/-15C and 20w-50 oils down to 14F/-10C. The engines haven't changed, but VW is more sensitive to fuel efficiency these days as well as reducing oil inventories of various SAE grades at their dealerships ....

dixie synthetics
I whole heartedly agree with tooslick here, The Dello 400 is as close to a synthetic as you can get without paying the price, being a hydrocracked oil it is a very highend group II. 5000 miles is a peice of cake for this oil!
Thanks for the replies! Well, money isn't so much a problem as I just hate to throw it away if I don't need to. I am leaning toward the PAO/ester but just wanted to be sure it's worth the extra cost for a 5k interval.
Doesn't he have to use a 5-40 that meets VW specs (eg. 505 01, etc)? That's where the Castrol 5-40 would come into play....or the GC perhaps? Does Shell Rotella have VW specs?
I don't have to meet the 505.01, since it partains to diesels. The vw spec that applies to me is 502. But the dealership is using dino 5-30 for oil changes. I think that's pushing it for 5k.

Tooslick, why do you say it's a no brainer for a PAO/ester for 5k miles? I thought people were using it when they wanted to do extended drains? Is your reason because it won't sludge the motor?
If you hate throwing it away.. here's an idea.
After your first interval, run a UOA. If it's still basically as good as when it went in, just drain it to a clean container, then pour it into your second vehicle... or your lawn mower.. etc.
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