What Oil Do You Use?

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Mar 23, 2005
Alma, Michigan USA
I thought I had better get that one in just to get it out of the way!!! Really, I prefer Olive Oil, from my families 0live trees, from Greece. Nothing like it for salads and cooking, when the recipe calls for it. I'm lucky in that regard. But, its all GOOD! [Cheers!]
EVOO, Flax oil, Grapeseed oil if no heat is involved. OO or butter with low heat. I pop fish oil tabs. Unlike motor oil, no cooking oil really stands up to heat and indeed some of the least heat stable oils are the BEST oils (for you)
Predominantly cold pressed (cloudy) olive oil, about 250ml/month. A bit of cultured butter, similarly about 250g/month. (unless it's cajun BBQ prawns, which uses 2 weeks worth of both the above). A bit of sesame oil, grape seed oil. If we are having fried fish and chips, peanut oil. Coconut oil in the kid's baths.
Great topic btw!
Light olive oil rubbed over the skin if I'm cooking a bird.
I gotta think outside the USA this spoken in English may have a whole other meaning.
Oops, forgot that I use spray olive oil if I crumb chicken pieces...spray and bake rather than fry
Expeller Pressed Canola Oil Pure Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil (from California) Butter What I use depends on the application and temperature (if I’m cooking). For dressings, I like to mix olive oil with Canola oil so that it doesn’t solidify in the refrigerator.
no cooking oil really stands up to heat and indeed some of the least heat stable oils are the BEST oils (for you)
thats what I was always taught as well, which is why we tend to steam/stir fry, then add the oil (sesame) right at the very end so it doesn't (hopefully) overheat. A couple of different Aussie cold pressed extra virgin olive oils are used in salads, etc. The olive industry is struggling here atm trying to cope with olives and oil that is being dumped by the EU at below our production costs. I avoid any foodstuff with Canola in it. It is a hybridised Rape seed oil (Low Euricic Acid Rape seed oil), that I believe was originally developed to provide a good base to be esterised for lubrication use. (pretty appropriate for BITOG, if correct) All of my Naturopath/Herbalist alternative health friends preach from the same book regarding canola.
Canola Oil is a form of Rape Seed Oil (a dietary Plant Oil) with a low Erucic Acid content obtained from Canbra Seeds (in other words it is a new generic variety of the Rape Seed).
In-Tele-Health © 2004 (from Hyperhealth CD-ROM) a reference CD used by a majority of alternative health practitioners in Oz. Of course it may also be fear of it being a new genetic variety, and it may be OK. Any thoughts ?
Okay, correction:Light olive oil rubbed over the skin if I'm cooking a bird(the outside of the birds' skin). For my own tanning purposes I like to use mayonnaise mixed with a decent 20W-50. [Big Grin] [Cheers!]
Exxon Superflow 5W20 in my new Pilot, Chevron 10W30 in the Integra. Wait a second, wrong oil [Big Grin] Lots and Lots of Olive Oil [Smile]
I also deep dry turkey, turkey legs, and make donuts with pilsbury biscuit mix and dip them in powdered sugar or raw sugar using peanut oil. Deep fried turkey is very tasty, injected the bird too. :)
Used to use peanut oil, the best flavor ever, but it is not that healthy and switched to corn oil, then for health reason (of my parents), now I am switching to canola oil. Sesame oil and olive oil for seasoning only. No butter or shortening.
Originally posted by Scotto: The weird thing is that I can't stand olives themselves; I've tried every single one I can find and I just can't eat em......but I love olive oil!! [I dont know] [Happy]
You don't like the black ones? Olive oil tastes like the black ones, not the green ones.
I love great Italian and Greek olives. And a good olive oil tastes like heaven to me!
same here. Actually had some excellent olives from Israel the other week that were privately brought back by a local artist. Very nice.
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