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Sep 10, 2003
Hi all, What should I do now? I have a Honda Pilot and I was all set to start running Mobil1 0w-20. However, no one sells it in hawaii. The closes at wal-mart is 5w-30. I wanted to run syn. However, I could run Honda 5w-20. Does anyone know if Hondas oil is a blend or all "dino"? Thanks kb
Someone posted awhile back that Mobil makes Honda's OEM branded oils. If that's the case, their 5w20 is probably all Group III, since it has been reported that Mobil's Drive Clean 5w20 is all Group III. If you're set on using a synthetic and can't get Mobil 1 0w20, I'd go with Mobil 1 5w30.
Thanks one of the things I'm concerned about. But, do you really think they would void a warranty because I used 5w-30 instead of 5w-20? Just for fun(ha ha) I called the service department at my dealer and they told me that they use Castrol 5w-20, but, I could use 5w-30 with no problem except a reduction in fuel eco. Of course for warranty issues he would not put that in writing. He did remind me that in Hawaii they use the 3700 mile mark for oil changes.
Does the manual give you any leeway?? Does it say for instance that if the temperatures are above xx degrees a 5W-30 wt. can be used but not recommended. As far as denying warranty-in theory they would have to proove that the oil damaged the vehicle. But theory and reality are sometimes two different things. If you are really concerned you could always buy a case of the 20 wt stuff and then return it in exchange for the Mobil 1 and you would have the sales slip. I would make sure you give that store extra business to make up for the hassle caused by this. And yes-I have no conscience about this. Its just survival of the fittest. The other possibility is dump in a quart of the Mobil 1 with the 20 wt. stuff. [Smile]
No, the manuel says to use 5w-20 for all temperature ranges. That sounds like a good idea. Living in Hawaii, I'm sure 5w-30 or even 10w-30 would be fine if not better. However, I'm most likely will start off with using 5w-20 and get a UOA. Something I have never done before. First time for everything.
Originally posted by Al: As far as denying warranty-in theory they would have to proove that the oil damaged the vehicle.
Nonsense. Warranties are a voluntary gesture on the part of manufacturers to promote customer loyalty and also a response to competetive pressures - not a merchantiability requirement under state or federal law. Since there's no requirement that a warranty be offered, the manufacturer is in a position to dictate the terms of warranty coverage and obligation. While I personally doubt that filling the sump with 5W-30 or 10W-30 would cause harm (and arguably the more viscous lube oils may well enhance film strenth and wear properties), if it became known (a BIG "if") that the higher viscosity oil than specified in the owner's manual was used as service fill, the manufacturer would not have to prove anything to duck a warranty claim.
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