What motor oils do you like the best?

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Mar 5, 2003
Based on what I have found out about motor oils both prior to coming to this web site and especially since I have come to this web site, I have been able to narrow down somewhat the list of motor oils that I would be willing to use in a car or truck engine. For conventional motor oils I like Chevron Supreme, Pennzoil, Castrol, and the Schaeffer's conventional. The Chevron Supreme made my car run very smooth. I have not actually tried the Schaeffer's conventional, but based on my experience with the Schaeffer's blend I am confident it would be outstanding. For blends it is hard to beat the Schaeffer's blend. I have not tried but am interested in the Mobil Drive Clean Plus blend. For synthetic oils I like Mobil 1 and the German Castrol. I have tried Amsoil but it was the XL7500 or whatever they call it-apparently not a PAO or ester synthetic. I have never tried Redline and I can't say anything about it. Auto-RX is one of a small list of oil supplements that I am willing to use. Neutra is great in small amounts in the gas to keep the fuel injectors clean.
Dino: Pennzoil, Chevron. Synthetics: M1/Amsoil/Redline/GC are the oils I particularly like. I havn't used GC but it is impressive so far. Any of the above change often, sometimes monthly to yearly, so my choices will vary.
buster, the German Castrol made my car engine run very smooth. I was impressed but there are some drawbacks to the German Castrol. It is still hard to find for whatever reason and I personally don't like that it does not have the API symbol. Castrol's marketing still is a mystery to me. I was able to buy a jug of Mobil 1 at Wal-Mart for 19 dollars and some change. I felt that was a good deal. Mobil 1 is surely good in the wintertime. I have never tried Mobil's Drive Clean Plus and I think I will use that in the spring.
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