What kinda work boots are use guys/gals wearing?

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Mar 22, 2012
Berks County/Pa.
I have tried various types of work boots over my 26 years of manufacturing work. Started with Carolinas then tried Red Wings, Wolverines & Dura Shock Wolverines, Herman Survivors and now just purchased another pair of Carolinas. All have been steel toe through the years. I truly believe a good quality boot is important for the whole body.
When I was working I always wore Georgia Boot brand.
I've been wearing Red Wings for a long time, but I was browsing the Bargain Cave at Cabela's and found a nice pair of Cabela's branded boots that were normally $200 for $50 so that's what I'm wearing now and I really like them. When it's time to replace them I'll probably get another pair of Red Wings.
I’ve tried many over the years but my favorites are Justin J-Max comfort system or USA made Red Wings. My next pair will be Red Wing due to availability.
Red Wing 8 or 9 inchers. Just wore out my third pair - I get about 2 years per pair, got over 2 1/2 out of the last pair partly because they're the first pair I oiled periodically.
Georgia has been my go to for the last twenty years. I am trying a pair of Dura Shock Wolverines right now and they are alright. I will probably go back to Georgia though.
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Redwing slip ons are my favorite.

Every year I get a new pair.

Not this year since you offered them to someone on here from your workplace shoe allowance.
Actually in January I get my $150 shoe allowance and decided to help out a fellow BITOG member. The following year I'll get you a pair.
Keen. When I worked at a manufacturing plant half the place wore Keens. I started and liked them so much Ive kept buying them even my non-safety toe weekend shoes are Keen.
I go for the composite toe now because of reduced thermal transfer.
Where Im working now its worth it to keep two pair and Im wearing my heavy insulated pair right now.
I just picked up a pair of Georgia work boots from Tractor Supply yesterday. First time I've tried them. I go through at least a pair a year. My last 4-5 pairs have been Timberland Pros from Sears, prior to that, possibly Wolverines? Don't recall. Either the insides gets wallowed out, the soles wear out/through, or they crack from getting cryo frozen.

I too keep at least 2 pair of boots in rotation given they're on my feet no less than 12hrs at a time and often get wet.
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