what kind of oil should i use

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Sep 14, 2002

some guy did a test on oil...makes me think about what kind of oil i use, im an oil freak.

main question:
now im looking into a differnt oil...castrol gtx dont look good with the statistics and i admit it smells weirder..haha. penzoil to me smells good and is good but there is a good produc on that list called amsoil is what im looking at now..you guys know how much those run and if i can find it in the local store?? should i go with 10w-40 or 10w30 ...o and should i flush my motor oil with engine flush??
or if u have another NON synthetic oil that is good id like to know what it is and the price range..

im really looking into mobil drive clean and mobil drive clean blend..10w-30

i used to mix 1 qt of full synthetic and the rest with just oil, and maybe add an additive but with that report it made me think again about additives.

gimme some feedback
We need more info on your car in order to tell you whether or not to go with 10w30 or 10w40. I wouldn't go 10w40 in a dino oil though, it'll thin out quickly (and create more varnish in the process)

Castrol GTX and Pennzoil are both very good dino oils, I'd use either one of these if I were going with dino.

You have to let us know what your plans are, do you plan on doing extended drains over 5k? If so, then you should go with a full synthetic or the Schaeffer blend.

As far as engine flushes, don't use that stuff you buy in the stores! It's just kerosene and can cause more harm than good. Go with Auto-rx or Schaeffer's Neutra 131.

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From your link:

"The numbers above are not, by any means, all there is to determining what
makes a top quality oil. The exact base stock used, the type, quality, and
quantity of additives used are very important."

A very true statement.

Make of car, engine, driving conditions, how long you want to keep, current mileage, leaks, no leaks? What oil were you using, have you done any used oil analsis, etc?
sorrie i was soo broad.
car:91 honda accord
engine: 2.2L I4 SOHC
driving conditions: california vally type...typical dust and stuff from constructions
how long: i want my car forever.
current milage: 146,000
leaks: one leak from oil pan seal. was replaced but i forgot to put more sealant, very small leak, only leaks 1 drop every 2 days.
oil using: castrol GTX 10w-40...i think i went back and forth from 10w-40 and 10w-30 by accident..want to go wiht 10w-30...
oil analysis-i have not used any...really i dont know how..
additives used/differnt techniques of oils used: i used "restore" its a good product i guess but i read a thread on it and it contains solids
i mix 1 qt of full synthetic oil with my normal oil..the weight is like 5w-10-->might change that and stop doing it.

i drive with attitude at times and maybe two times a week push my car and rpms hit maybe 6000..i dont drive on the freeway as much casue im close to home, but one week a month my dad drives it 60 miles a day on the freeway to davis. sometimes my dad likes to drive the car when the engine is still cold. i try and warm it up.

origionally the car said use 5w-30 in the oil, about a couple years into the car i went to 10w-40/30 . the car doesnt stall, accelerates good..aside from a stock fuel filter. oil doesnt burn ALOT. i might loose a milimeter on the dipstick. car reconmentds oil change at 7500 miles. im going to go to at least 4000 mile intervals at changing now.
I would stick with the Castrol 10W-30 at that milage. I would probably do like a 4 or 5K oil change. Mixing in a quart of Mobil 10W-30 couldn't hurt. I realize there is a difference of additive package. I would forget any other additives.
with that said..10w-30 should i go with mobil 1 clean blend or the other mobil one cleandrive? they have higher rating reports than castrol gtx. i used to go with castrol and mix it with a full syntetic..but i donno...if i do mix it with a full synthetic what should the full synthetic grade be??
well i bought my oil. mobil1 drive clean. i was going to go for clean blend but im not sure. i was thinking of just mixing my mobil1drive clean wiht mobil1clean blend (1 qt) so i have a group III oil with normal oil. not enough to really damage my engine but gives the benifit of lubrication. also the two oils should be compadable unlike castrol and syntec group III together. what you think?? should i mix it with a group III or mix it with a group IV motor oil like mobil 1>? thanks for the feedback..

(hehe i know i have alot of forums..sorrie but i have alot of brains that need something in them)
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