what kind of musical instrument makes this sound?

Add this to any YouTube URL to start at a specific time. #t=1m30s This example is 1 min 30 sec. Awesome find. I may have found it here.
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Pretty sure it's a resonator guitar, commonly called a Dobro.
The difference between an actual played flat on one's lap, or standing with a shoulder strap but still parallel to the ground, country music style 'Dobro', and a blues/folk/whatever resonator guitar, which is played like a regular guitar, is that the Dobro has a rectangular shaped neck (in cross section), whereas the resonator guitar has a regular semi-circular shaped neck (in cross section), just like any old six string. wink "Dobro" is actually a trademarked brand name, but even when made by other companies (Gibson {who may have actually bought out Dobro, and hence the trademark??}, etc.) these are referred to as Dobros, much like any tissue is called a "Kleenex". These, pedal steels, lap steels, and Weissenborns are my favorite instruments, and one day I'd love to learn how to play them. I LOVE 'SLIDING'!!! BTW; this fall I get to see Arlo Guthrie sing this song LIVE when he appears at our concert series. thumbsup My only regret concerning this song is that I never got to hear it's author (the phenomenal Steve Goodman) sing it live and in person. frown