What is your stance on Break Fluid shelf life

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Jul 17, 2003
New York
I use 2 fluids in my stash - ATE200/Super Blue for Street Cars and RBF600 for the track rat. Track rat get's a flush about 3-4 times a year and the street cars every 2 years. What is the shelf life of a unopened sealed can of brake fluid in metal container vs. open in a metal container. The same goes for plastic... Brake fluid to me is cheap....inexpensive, and easy to do. I just HATE paying shipping when I'm only ordering X amount of bottles... It's not a deal breaker if it's better wise to just buy what I need to ensure the break fluid is fresher...but just thinking outloud...
Should be fine. I was using 6 year old fluid (opened) on the wagon last year-and it was just fine...
6 years...whoa. I think my comfort point would be 2 years max on a metal container bottle opened. Brake fluid is hydrogroscopic (i chopped up the spelling) ;-) The question is just short of it not being in the elements in a room (moisture still inherent in the air), there has to be a some mitigation of moisture in the air and fluid no ?
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3 years for DOT-3, 2 years for DOT-4 in a tightly capped and in a sealed sandwich plastic bag.
Brake fluid, it's not just for breakfast anymore.
I take a Horatio Cane stance and coffee as my break fluid! Seriously, two years max on an opened bottle. A closed metal can would preserve it quite a long time.
whoops....consider that the typo for the weekend. I've generally timed the fluid change when the wheels are off on the DD. So generally it's when I'm swapping wheels for winter tars or swapping them back in the spring. Generally, on the DD, I will do 2 cars and just go the stash. The last bottle that has any left, it get's trashed. A fellow track rat once advised that once that bottle is open....consider it used. It will continue to absorb moisture regardless of the type of can itself. The fluid I use for the DD is ATE and it comes in a metal container. On the RBF, I go through it so frequently..I'm not concerned whether it's a half bottle remaining....as I'm constantly using this too frequently to matter.
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"BREAK" fluid. Isn't that beer in your parts?
"I have to go drain some break fluid" could replace "I need to go see a man about a horse".
Squish the bottle to eliminate air, then put the cap tightly on again. This is your best bet, and you will have no problems with moisture contamination.
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