What is this oil leak from?

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Nov 23, 2016
On my 07 LR3 it started leaking oil rather suddenly a few nights ago and marked it's territory in the garage. I found the source of it, but I have no idea what it's called. The oil filter screws onto what I believe is the cooler and then the cooler connects to this piece that mates to the engine block and it looks like that's where the leak is from. Any ideas on what this part is called? Here are a couple pics. I circled the leak origin in blue.
Looks suspiciously like the oil cooler thermostat on my car (minus the wires). Leak possibly from a large gasket/ o-ring where it mates to the block.
Heh heh, reminds me of a joke" Why don't the Brits make computers?" Dunno , why? "because they haven't figured out how to make them leak oil"
I'd start by checking the tightness of that bolt in pic #2, it may just be that it has loosened off for no apparently reason.
The fact they still use that engine proves GM had a winner with engine though and like almost everything else they had that was ahead of it time they shelved it or sold it to someone else. Porsche didn't get the idea to add 2 more cylinders until GM did it (and even had a turbo model long before the 930 was even thought of) with an air boxer 4 years before. That GM designed all aluminum V8 Rover uses was decades ahead of its time.
My 07 nissan titan recently developed a small oil leak, around the oil filter. I discovered this was a simple fix, a new gasket was needed, called a oil cooler gasket, part # 21304-JA11A. Very simple fix, on my next oil change. 2 different vehicles, but similar problem. My gasket cost $6.00 and change, similar to the gasket on a oil filter. Problem was explained on a nissan titan forum. This is a simple problem nissan dealerships love,$$$$$.
It's the Jag 4.4, not the old Rover V8. Not sure if there's any relation... Would anyone happen to be able to roughly estimate the book time it would be to replace it? Thinking of trading it in and weighing fixing it beforehand or not.
Oh ok I see its an 07, the Rover power ended in 06. Still, it had a pretty good run 1960-2006. I can look at the book tomorrow but it doesn't appear to be a difficult or time consuming job.
Book pays 0.8 hr for replacing the adapter, it looks like you might be able to do it much quicker by just removing the mounting bolts (providing you have access to them without pulling the cooler), pull it back, put the new gasket in and tighten it back up.
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