What is the mileage you normally run an OCI?


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What time intervals?
LOL, editing it to explain as you posted this.

But a breakdown from my sig vehicles is:
  • '18 Santa Fe is changed every 5,000 miles due to warranty reasons.
    Warranty states 3,750 miles for severe duty, 7,500 miles for "normal", or every 6 months.
    I am usually at 5000 miles in 4-5 months, so that works best for me.
    Once out of warranty, I will probably do 7,500 mile intervals.
  • '18 Soul is every 6 months for warranty, usually less than 3,000 miles (lots of short trips).
    Will go to 5,000 miles when warranty is up.
  • '12 Scion is every 5,000 miles (about 14 months).
  • '10 Santa Fe is 7,500 miles.
    Mostly highway, but vehicle is high mileage, so I really don't want to go past 7,500 miles.
  • '04 F150 was every 6 months.
    This truck is short tripped and has had metal shavings in filter every change since I have started servicing it. 6 months was about 4,000 miles.
    I recently decided to change it to an annual change though, it is not driven much at all lately due to health issues of my brother in law (has < 400 miles in the past 6 months).
  • '02 F150 is annual'ish. I change it every 12-18 months.
    Not driven much (2,000-3,000 a year), uses a qt every 1,000 miles, but have had issues with moisture buildup.
    I have debated on my next change just doing a "continuous" oil change on it (only adding oil when low, not draining oil or changing filter (Fram Ultra)) for a 5 year run.
  • '94 Goldwing, doing a 3,000 mile interval due to short tripping (I am planning on extending this to 5,000 miles once I start doing more long trips with it).
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5K Normally. Trying to find a good oil for a TGDI that can handle 5K as well. Its just easy to remember, and on NA engines it doesn't stretch the oil. I don't go by time.
I base my OCI on mileage not time. I have three vehicles and use is spread among them. Usually 4-5k and it can take a year or two sometimes to accrue that mileage..