What is the ivory colored grease GM use interiors?

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Jul 18, 2003
It looks like some kind of silicon grease with light body. I need this for window regulators where a nylon strap slides inside a "C" profile metal rail. Looks like GM use this on many things inside, like plastic parts suspectible for rattles on transmission lever indicator. It looks never broken down even after 25 years, but rather decomposed with fine dust. For the past decade I've been taking from the clean and rich interior trims for the poor windows but I run out of the "supplies".

I found Liqui Moly silicon grease that the producer advises for sunroof rails but that thing is so thick that operation went too sticky, window cranks are so heavy now.

Anyone knows what that slick, whitish light tan grease could be?
You can use the silicone-based dielectric grease. Or do what I do...if you are near a laboratory, get them to get you a tube of silicone high vacuum grease. It is used to grease joints on glass hi-vac systems where there are stopcocks that turn. This stuff is good on rubber weatherstripping, spark plug boots, etc, just like the dieletric grease.
Hmm... I think it is also the same grease on the tail light sockets. Similar color and consistency may be it is actually a dielectric grease.

Thank you for the advice, I can locate that lab grease online locally, (Merck brand.)

I'm still curious with the GM though.
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