What is the formula for viscosity blending?

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Oct 22, 2003
By Detroit
This viscosity blending calculator link is great, but I am afraid someday it could become unavailable. Also you always have to log on to use it. Does anybody have the formulas for these calculations? I am really only interested in the 100cSt values. It would be nice to be able to plug it into my pocket calculator or run it on a spreadsheet. Thanks.
Couldn't wait. It is the correct equation. I ran 50/50 mix of cSt 10.5 with cSt 13.5. Both the online calculator and the equation gave me 11.9. I tried 5% 100 cSt with 95% 13 cSt and the online calculator gave me 14.4 whereas my pocket calculator gave me 14.396. [Happy]
I wonder if maybe this is the equation: Log Vs = (n log V1 + (100-n) log V2) / 100 where Vs = viscosity sought n = percent by weight of the first component of the blend having a viscosity of V1 V2 = viscosity of the second component of the blend. I found it in this article. I will try to run some comparisons between the above equation and the viscosity blending online calculator tonight to see if I get similar results. Please don't comment on the article in this thread. Rather go to where I posted it in the Interesting Articles Forum. Thanks.
i was searchig for the link to see the information about the misxtures but i couldn´t open the webpage, so i was wondering if you have other link to see that info or if you can correct the url to can open it. thanks
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