What is the difference between oils that say SAE OW-20 and oils that just say OW-20

Jan 8, 2023
I currently have Mobil 1 AFE in my 2017 Toyota Camry. The oil fill cap says "SAE 0W-20". Mobil1 AFE says SAE 0W-20 right on the bottle. Can I use an oil that just says OW-20 on it like Mobil1 ESP X2?
I suppose a 0W-20 could exist that's not SAE rated but I wouldn't use it in an automobile, truck, etc engine. Got an example ?
Must have missed that! Is there any difference between oils that say SAE and those that dont?
Maybe, maybe not. In your case no.

It’s a known issue with some Exxon-Mobil products that they do not exactly follow SAE labeling guidelines. There are some threads on it here. But the oil is an SAE grade.