what is the best regular oil on market?

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Jul 6, 2004
I need opinions on what people think the best 10-30 regular oil is. My new truck is almost ready for its first service. thanks for any info
One of the following ...Most bang for your buck award ...Chevron Delo 400 Mobile Delvac 1300, and Shell Rotella they each run about 6-7 buck a gallon and are easy to find at any auto parts store ...they do a great job of keeping your engine clean .
Yes, those oils are available in 10w-30, but you'll never find them in the local store. Best mineral 10w-30? Possibly Pennzoil with its high quality base oil in conjunction with a good additive package (yeah moly!)...
well, if you want to go Penzoil ..go with the Long Life ..fantastic TBN You may not be able to easily find the Delo ect in 10 30 ..but I think most people are too paranoid on the weight of thicker oils ..I have been running 15w 40 on my Nissan Altima ..works fine ...I did add a quart ( when changing bypass filter ) of 30 weight to thin it out a bit during the winter
Originally posted by deepsquat: but I think most people are too paranoid on the weight of thicker oils
I'd tend to agree with you, but bigdog asked about 10w-30 lubes, not 15w-40.
Havoline is my choice due to high quality, low price and always easy to find. Chevron Supreme, Pennzoil, Castrol GTX or Motorcraft are winners also.
Originally posted by Jelly: Yes, those oils are available in 10w-30, but you'll never find them in the local store.
Or you just have to live in a colder climate - most parts stores around here that carry much of anyhting for the diesel crowd carries a brand in 10w30 -seems to usually be Rotella though... The syn 5w40's are making the 10w30's less needed though...
Originally posted by Boeing 757 Pilot: Is it safe to run Delvac 1300 or Delo in a gas engine? Will it harm the motor in any way? Thanks
I'm using it in an '03 Dodge Durango 4.7 engine (Chevron Delo 400 15W-40) and it doesn't affect gas mileage at all. Have also used it in an '02 Chevy Cavalier 2.2 OHV engine without any noticeable affect on gas mileage. I only use truck oil in the summer, though. For the rest of the year I use Havoline 10W-30. [Cheers!]
Based partially on UOAs, and on personal preferences (no priority): Havoline, Pennzoil, Mystik (SL-rated), Chevron, Castrol GTX, Motorcraft. Some of the techies on here felt that the base Motorcrafts (in 5W-20 at least) may have had synthetics blended in, but its not clear they still believe that. My new minivan's first oil change was Pennzoil 10W-30.
Castrol GTX...OK so I'm wishy washy [Big Grin] I needed an excuse to work the sibling of the Elixer of Life, Truth and Crystal Green Persuasion into this thread anyway... (for those of you who are too young for Crystal Green Persuasion to make any sense to you, go to your favorite search engine and input "Tommy James and the Shondells" and look through the song list.) [ July 24, 2004, 05:16 PM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
I always trust Pennzoil 5W30 on my Maxima!!! I don't know why but my machine runs so quiet with Pennzoil 5W30 compared to other 5W30's!!! Always Pennzoil 5W30!!!
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