What is the best racing oil?

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Nov 9, 2003
S.E. Michigan
I race with a very high rpm chevrolet engine, which spins in excess of 10k rpm, naturally aspirated.

I have used 2 oils in the past 2 years. Mobil 1, 0-30, and Royal Purple 11-lite(0-10).

I have some evidence that the royal purple oil produced better cylinder wall wear, but that's about it. I have not seen any power increases or decreases with either oil.

I'd like to get more educated on what oil is best. I'd like to find out what additives are in each oil, and why they're in there. I want to run the best oil, based on evidence in which is truely the best oil, not because he/she said so, or he/she had good luck with it...

Any takers? I need input in what is the best and why. And what additives are in them, and why.

What type of Chev engine (v8?) and what type of racing? Rally, Drag, ect?
Redline right now is king of racing, IMO. Terry Dyson would agree and he has seen more proof then everyone on this site combined. A potential choice is comming this spring, Mobil 1 R 0w-30 racing oil. Amsoil S2k is also a choice.

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JonS actually asked the correct question. It really depends on the engine and what type of racing. Amsoil/Mobil 1's 50wt oils might even be a choice in some applications. Based on Terry and the way RL is made, it's clear that they are top notch.
I think it's funny that people knock how oil companies market their products, yet they still seem to still be affected by it
My choice for racing oil is MOTUL 300V.
It is made out of ester synthetic base stock with high natural viscosity index (no viscosity modifier) to achieve high resistance to shear and high temperature coking. MOTUL 300V is a strickly racing oil. That's why it is not API nor ACEA rated (acutally old SH rating). It doesn't care about fuel economy, extended drain interval, catalytic converter life, etc.
Although it is a very good stuff for racing, it is fairly expensive.

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Yeah I second Motul 300V. I'd give it a shot if I were you. Also Torco's SR-5 Synthetic (Grp 4/5) with tonnes of moly looks promisng aswell. Cheaper than Redline too!!
Motul sounds very interesting. I don't know of ONE oil that is a race oil or semi-race oil that doesn't use a good deal of Moly. Amsoil is the only one I can think of that doesn't use Moly.
I would highly recommend Mobil's new Mobil 1R 0W-30 racing oil. It will be introduced in early January (www.avlube.com will carry it immediately on intro!). The Mobil 1R is *exactly* what Ryan Neuman ran last season.. Obviously an excellent oil.
George Morrison
Where does Motul say that the 300v line is for racing only? Redline do have race oils , but I think none of Motuls oils are race only (except possibly the bike oils).
Motul do not use Moly in any oil they market. Their 300V is like Torco's SR-5. One of their top race oils, just slightly modified to be used in street engines. Motul however do claim they do use the 300V as is from the shelf in their race cars...
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