What is the best oil for dusty conditions?

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Mar 5, 2003
What is the best oil for dusty conditions, such as dirt roads and a lot of dust like in the Four Corners area? Is there a motor oil (I would assume it would be conventional since you would have to change the oil often with all the dust) that stands out in dusty conditions? This would be a oil for ordinary cars, pick-up trucks, and SUVs with gasoline engines.
Personally I would be more concerned with using a good quality OEM or OEM equivalent air filter. I would also go out of my way to be sure that the intake track is sealed well. I like to put a film of grease around the filter sealing surface and make sure your MAF and all the intake plumbing is clamped and secure with no cracks or other air leaks. It might also make sense to add hose clamps to the PVC and any other lines leading to the intake. Keeping the dust out of the oil is more important than what oil you use. I would also consider changing my oil more frequently (maybe use a quality dino and change every 2 to 3K miles).
yup, use a quality air filter, and change it often I would probably try to use a high filtration oil filter (Purolator PureOne) just incase some dust does get into the oil somehow
Thanks for the replies. The reason I asked this question was because I live in Colorado and we can experience a lot of dust (in southeastern Colorado). And I do a lot of photography often in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. I have seen dust so bad in the Four Corners area and also on the Navajo Reservation that it looked like photographs from the dust bowl days. When we take photographs on the Great Sand Dunes National Monument we usually use throwaway cameras. There is frequently so much dust in the air that I have often thought twice about ever using synthetic oil.
Use the Delo400 for added protection even it is a dusty condition. It's added insurance, what's $4 extra on your oil interval on a $20,000 vehicle.
Originally posted by OiledMustangGT: yup, use a quality air filter, and change it often
The older an air filter gets the more dirt it traps though, so if you change it too often you'll end up getting more dirt into the engine over the long run.
Agree with Patman check the detailed discussions in Airfilters. Just curious, Mystic, what does your air filter look like after a bit of use? Do you see superfine powder past the air filter? How are your UOA's? Si and Na? Fe? Solids? I would consider these conditions for your OCI as you say and not do super long OCI's.
This sounds like the perfect situation for those new air filters with the "turkey's done" pop-up things that activate when the pressure differential is enough. Yeah, you need the vehicle/airbox to go with it.... [Smile]
Pablo, I have had one UOA done. I was using Schaeffer's blend with some Lube Control and Schaeffer's #132 in it. The UOA was really good. That oil was in the car when I drove to the Grand Canyon. I drove through the Navajo Reservation and ran into some dust, but there were no high Si numbers. Just recently when I went to get a metal drain plug for my weed trimmer I came across a guy who is a new Amsoil distributor. He mostly sells Amsoil products of various kinds for trimmers and small engines but he told me he can get Amsoil products for cars. I think I will use the Amsoil fuel system cleaner. I have used some Amsoil products in the past, but I used the XL7500 oil. I like Schaeffer's and I like Amsoil. I do have some concerns about going a long way with synthetic with the kind of dust I can run into.
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