What is different about the oil at dealerships?

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Nov 13, 2002
I was at the honda dealership recently and looked at their oils which say, "Specifically formulated for Honda engines." Is there are benefit to purchasing this oil over an OTC conventional oil? I looked around for a bit to see if there were any oil analysis of people using dealer oil (honda,toyota,etc..) but did not find anything. Is there any benefit?
Well, the "specially formulated for" oil is often whatever the lowest bidder (that will meet their specs) will bottle and label for them during a refinery run. And, often, the oil they use in the back comes in bulk from the local lowest bidder, and can be about any brand and viscosity, not necessary what is recommended by the auto manufacturer.
I posted an analysis of the factory-fill oil after 5,000 miles in my Acura RSX. One of the board members posted pretty convincing evidence that Mobil has the contract to manufacture Honda oils. I suspect that the oil is Mobil Drive Clean, which is good. Honda and Ford both have very rigorous requirements for 5w-20 oils; way over and above API SL/ ILSAC GF-3. If you are shopping for a 5w-20 oil, it's worthwhile to make sure the oil is approved by one or both of these manufacturers. If you can't find that approval on the store-bought 5w-20, the dealer is another option. [ November 15, 2002, 02:06 PM: Message edited by: Jay ]
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