What if something better than your oil comes out?

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Dec 29, 2004
This question is mainly for people that have a large stash of GC but of course anyone can answer. What would you do if Castrol, Mobil or some other manufacturer comes out with a oil that is proven even better than GC or the oil you have in your stash? For those with 50, 100, 150 quarts of GC or of another brand, would you use it first or buy the better stuff and keep, sell your oil or ? I have bought enough GC for a couple of changes and will probably buy enough for another change or two when it goes on sale again in May but I do not have anything compared to many here.

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I have 15-18 Qts of Mobil 1 and 6 qts of Valvoline Synpower.
I will use what I have before buying the new Mobil 1 EP.
Any NEW oil isn't that much better to not use what I have first.
Just my .02.
I'm 100% satisfied with the performance of GC in all of my cars, so I would never even consider trying out another oil unless GC completely disappears. At the first sign of it disappearing (or changing formulas for the worse) I will buy up every bottle I can find near my house. Right now it's sold in so many stores around here that I could build up one heck of a huge supply if I wanted! (but I currently keep my supply at around 65-70 liters)
Then I guess a couple cases of Esso XD-3 0W-30 will be sold out of my garage at fire-sale prices.

More realistically, I'd just use the stuff up in my own vehicle (3.1L GM V6) since UOA's have proven it to be nearly indestructable if left in the engine indefinitely. Or put it in a relative's car. At my current rate of consumption, I have nearly a 30-year supply on hand at the moment.
castrol has always done right by me and i am very satisfied with it. if something better came out than i would use up my stash and than try out the better product. however i doubt the product will be that much better than castrol to convince me to switch.

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An oil better than GC? Perish the thought!


Sometimes you make me so proud I could just...um-m-m...just....um-m-m...well...do something...
I've even almost forgotten you have been a M...Mo...Mobi...Mobil 1 user...whew that wasn't easy.
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