What I miss the most

Sep 30, 2013
Get your knees replaced as soon as you can.

I have a friend in his 90’s who’s as sharp as a razor. Did all his own yard work, climbed ladders etc. Took great care of his property.

His knees failed him fast and he refused to get them replaced. Now he’s in a home with a scooter and can hardly get around on his own. He was concerned about getting both done and not coming back from it. I can’t visit him because of current events and rightfully so. It’s a hard thing to see.


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Sep 21, 2010
Once you get a MityVac you will wonder why you didn't get one years ago.
That's my 2 cents.

I did 2 easy peasy oil changes in the last week (leaving filter). Heck you don't even get dirty.
Suck it outta your engine and puke it out into your recycle container.

Oil needs to be pretty warm or even fairly hot.
Use your dipstick to gauge how deep the extractor tube needs to go.
You may need to fish around to get past internals.
You can insert tube too far if it slides on pan. Dipstick is your friend!
After it draws air (you will see and hear it) pump it a few time and fish around to extract a little more oil.
MityVac has 2 sized tubes; I only use the small one.

Good luck.
Unfortunately I bought another brand “sucker” and it’s not so good. The (2) 4WD’s are very easy … one ramp or none if not doing the GM filter … no shields on either. Need to look under vehicles that go off-road anyway …
The FWD cars are not as easy … run the hybrid 10k OCI’s … XT5 has the new chains but 5k ?