What Gas Steam Boiler Should I Get For My Home ?

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Jul 23, 2008
New Jersey
I have a 235,000 btu Steam boiler that has a slight leak in the tank so i have to replace it what brand boiler is reliable and will last. The one i have is a 19 year old slant fin that i thought would have lasted longer it still looks new. Which ones are the better ones that are reasonable in cost. I was told by someone in the business that they are all pretty much the same but im not sure. Let me know i dont know that much about boilers i had fixed them and installed them before but i don't know what is a good unit anymore and this time im going to have the job done by a plumber if they are reasonable.
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Buderus makes high quality boilers be it oil or gas. You want one that is modulating and condensing.
+1 on mod/con. Yours is truly steam heat (one pipe to the radiator, not two)? I love that, far less thermal mass to heat yet you still have radiators which I vastly prefer. We have a peerless pure fire mod/con hydronic boiler, with indirect hot water and it has been great.
Try a bottle of boiler liquid. It's made by Hercules. Just remove the relief valve and add to the boiler with a funnel. Home Depot carries it. For something that big, you might need two bottles or more, but it's only about $10 or so a bottle. Basically a stop leak for boilers. I actually had a boiler develop a pretty serious leak, water all over the basement floor. Put it in and it stopped. Seems to last only about a year or so though, but after 3 years, still going on the same boiler. You could also take it apart and have the sections bolted back together or welded. Somewhat of a project though. I'd try the boiler liquid first. Oh I'm also a real estate broker so I've just noticed in my area that the most popular boiler is a Burnham. I do see other brands out there like Peerless, but the blue Burnhams are the most common so I just tend to go with those because I figure if I have any problem with them, most plumbers in the area should know how to fix them. You might also want to check on craigslist, occasionally I see used ones on there as people convert to regular forced hot water, sometimes about 1/4 what a new one would go for.
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modulating and condensing ?? Not sure what that is..
Modulating means the flame can be turned half on or full on. And probably in between. You can do that with gas (natural or LP) but not oil. The boiler may look at outside temp to decide, not totally sure. Condensing means they extract almost all the heat from the flue and it can be vented via PVC pipe through a basement wall.
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its leaking in a spot that is not flat
Did you try the boiler liquid? Or ask your plumber? Doesn't matter if it's not flat. I didn't have an automatic fill on mine and all the water leaked out after about an hour or two. I poured the boiler liquid in, fired up the boiler and after it got hot, it stopped leaking. If you just pour it in without firing the boiler, it won't work.
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