What fuel are you running?

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Phillips 66 91 E0. They sell all grades in E0 here in Boise. I have one small engine that takes 91 octane for some reason so all my small engines get that. I fill a 5 gal can at the beginning of summer and add some MMO. Lasts me pretty much all summer. If anything is left over after the season it goes into one of my vehicles. Recently purchased a small engine tool that says e10 is ok but it still gets E0 just to keep things simple for me.
Jeep gets the cheapest, hasn't had a fill up in 3 years I think... Everything but the R1 gets Costco 92, or Fred Meyers 92 when the points are high enough. Can't run 87 in the Harley without pinging. The R1 gets 92 from any (rare breed) pump with a hose per grade of gas. Pay more for gas this way, but the Shell station that I go to is still cheaper than E0. I only buy non ethanol for storage, it's over 90 cents per gallon more than E10 92.
I run E0 simply because I don't want to ruin the equipment on the off chance I forget to purge the fuel after the season. I make my own E0 out of premium fuel.
Shell or chevron 93 octane. Few places I'll drive by periodically that have E free. I'll fill up there if I'm able
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Many agree that it's better to run ethanol free as in these small engines. What are you guys running? I mostly run regular gas but thinking to switch to ethanol free altogether now.
93 Octane top-tier fuel. Been doing it since the 1970s. Weed wacker - blower - snow blower - moped - push lawnmower
Central GA is awesome— can get E0 in 87, 89, 90, and 93 octane within 10 minutes of our home, currently between $3 and $3.20 a gallon. All the boats and OPE get E0 90 octane, sometimes with a mild dose of Stabil 360 marine if I think it's going to sit around a while. 2-strokes get the same + regular Echo oil mixed at 50:1, the combination of fuel stabilizer I add and that which is in the oil keeps that gas fresh for a surprisingly long time. The car gets E10 93 octane, half the time top-tier Chevron, half the time whatever is cheapest. The truck gets E10 87 octane from the Kroger station, because we get discounts...except when we're towing, when the truck seems a little happier running E10 89 octane.
87 Octane E10 with a shot of blue Stabil 360 Marine in all of the four stroke OPE. TruFuel 40:1 Ethanol free in all the two stroke machines.
Vehicles get 87 from Irvings, which is probably E10. OPE gets 87 from Shell, which has a closer gas station (but worse pricing). I do nada for winterizing. I try to remember to run it out of gas but that's about it. Come season I dump in fresh fuel and go. Or repair if need be. I do have a weedwacker that needed new fuel lines, but after ten years I'm not sure if that's a fault of the ethanol or age (dirt cheap MTD 4 stroke). For the 15 minutes a year I use it, that fancy E0 would be fine. But nah, I'm too cheap for that.
Garden tractor and push mower get 87 octane ethanol free. Echo pre mix fuel for the chain saw, trimmer and blower. Everything starts up with zero drama whether it's sat for a week, or the winter season. I of course can't attribute this to phasing out ethanol alone, but while it's working I plan to keep doing what I'm doing.
I use 91 octane ethanol free fuel from our Chevron station. It's noted on the pump that it is not a Chevron product. All the local landscapers and tree trimmers use this fuel, along with all the diesel and gas motor homes with gasoline generators. I have been using it for the last 7 months with no problems. My snowblower that was in storage for 6 months started easily and ran great. I do use Stabil even with the non-ethanol fuel for storage.
Been using aviation fuel for past three years after I replaced fuel lines and a few carburetors on my OPE. Just made a fuel run to my friendly neighborhood airfield yesterday. Price was five-thirty a gallon. It's cheaper then the products at the hardware stores.
Aviation fuel ( mixed with Red Max ) for all the 2 stroke equipment. It's cheaper than hardware store fuel, and only 10 minutes away. Equipment starts up like a crazed woman.
If you want pure gas, go to a marina. Its usually 90 octane and way less than those quart cans of fuel.
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