What fuel additives do you use for ethanol?

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I've tried the red Sta-Bil Storage, and was unimpressed with its performance in my snowblower. Right now I have a bottle of the blue Sta-Bil Marine and am testing it in the snowblower. But even the smallest bottle is relatively expensive, is more than I would use in 2 years, and I end up disposing of half the product. I might also try the gold Sta-Bil 360 Performance, as it is available in a smaller bottle (4oz for $7) and appears to have the same attributes as the Marine version.
I use Seafoam year round as well (with E0), and have not had any problems since starting with it.
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The best product I ever used was PRI-G. http://priproducts.com/retail-consumer/ It actually works at a 2000:1 ratio, yest two thousand to one. But I haven't found it in Canada for years. I use Seafoam now. I pour 2oz per gallon into a jerry can the moment I fill it for 2 stroke equipment and 1oz per gallon for 4 stroke stuff, so all of my outdoor power products are using Seafoam treated gas all the time. I find Seafoam works better than Sta-bil.
PRI-G claims it can bring back old gas to new. Nothing can short of re-refining it. Given that claim, I avoid PRI-G all together.
It works. I've done it. Once with a generator and once on an ATV. It actually worked both times.
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Those who use ethanol free gas, is it readily available where you live. The local Rudy's BBQ/gas station used to offer it. But they haven't had it for a out a year or two now. Also, anyone use Star Tron or Lucas ethanol treatments?
We do have ethanol free gas available all the time and I use it in everything, I feel lucky we do. I first used Star Tron in my snowblower and it stopped it from sputtering. If I had to use E10 all the time I would defiantly use it. With out getting into a heated battle E10 just doesn't have the same burning strength as ethanol free fuel. I emailed them to see what they had to say about using it in non alcohol fuel since their main selling point is to use with E10. Hi Jeff, Star tron can certainly be used in ethanol free fuel, and being an enzyme-based fuel additive, we produce a lot more benefits than traditional treatments because fo the interactions we produce. We do not permanently attached to any molecule; we constantly move around and create reactions, making molecules either smaller or combining beneficial molecules. This, in turn, produces a much better burn and overall a better running engine. We are beneficial in both types of fuel. I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Derick Cote Star brite Inc. 1-800-327-8583 ext. 140 d I started using it in my Buick and noticed it seems to take less throttle to achieve the same results as before. I'm doing a little testing as we speak, I filled up with E10 and added the required amount of Star Tron, so far I see no difference. I've had to use E10 in the past and I can definitely tell the car doesn't run as good.
The only additive I use is water, yes WATER. After adding 64 oz of distilled water to the empty 5 gallon gas can I fill up with 4.5 gallons of 91 octane gas. By the time I get home from the gas station the ethanol has absorbed all the water and can be drained off. I turn the gas can over in my B&D workmate and drain it out. Takes about 1/2 hour to complete and I'm left with 89 octane pure gas. Here you can easily see the droplets of water/ethanol flowing south. Draining into a marked container so I can calaulate the % of ethanol removed. This batch had 8% Last of the swill draind into the container. It's easy to see where the vile swill ends and pure gas begins.
I use Stabil 360' Protection for my generator. I wanted to try the ethanol free gas you can buy at Home Depot for my Honda lawnmower. It's called TruFuel. A little expensive, but I figured I would try it on the mower since it takes so little gas. So far, it's been running great.
I have tried several additives and still ended up with carb issues. Startron failed in my snowblower that sat for 7 months. Also I had issues with stabil not working. Right now I'm using vp ethanol madditive I bought off eBay. I have learned to start my equipment more often during the off season and I buy my gas at a busy shell station and use 93 octane gas. Even with an ethanol additive I put a splash of marvel mystery oil in my gas also.
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