what fluids to run in my G35x

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Jun 25, 2009
Hey i'm new here but i've heard that you guys are the fluid gurus to talk to if i need advice on oil. I have a 2005 G35x with is an AWD car at 42k My FSM states i need to use the following fluids. ATF = Genuine NISSAN Matic J ATF Transfer Case = Genuine NISSAN Matic D ATF (Continental U.S. and Alaska) or Canada NISSAN Automatic Transmission Fluid Front and Rear diff's = API GL-5, Viscosity SAE 80W-90 On the bottom the follow notes were listed... *2: Using automatic transmission fluid other than Genuine NISSAN Matic J ATF will cause deterioration in driveability and automatic transmission durability, and may damage the automatic transmission, which is not covered by the INFINITI new vehicle limited warranty. *3: DEXRONTM III/ MERCONTM or equivalent may also be used. Outside the continental United States and Alaska contact an INFINITI dealer for more information regarding suitable fluids, including recommended brand(s) of DEXRONTM III/ MERCON TM automatic transmission fluid. I bought J-matic since i'm still under powertrain warranty @ $13/qt. I bought 5 and only used 4 for the drain and fill. I bought Mobil1 75w90 for the front/rear diffs I haven't bought D-Matic yet. Its $11/qt Reading the FSM, it somewhat says i dont need to go matic-D any fluid would work. Is this true? I've heard that castrol is the real vendors of nissan fluid. And nissan just resells at higher profit. Like nissan buys at $5 a bottle, sells to dealerships for $7.50 and the dealership sells it to us for $11-13. what do you guys recommend use in terms of fluid. I ran Mobil because it was priced at 11$ a bottle and royal purple was $20. Nissan didn't have any in stock for me.
Amsoil ATF for the transmission, transfer case and Power steering. Amsoil Severe Gear differential fluid 75w-90 for the differntial. I have a G35 and have friends with them and all are very happy with these fluids. Matic D is basically a Dexron III fluid so you can buy any DEX III for the transfer case if you decide to go the inexpensive route. Amsoil ATF is compatible with Matic J fluid so there should not be any warranty issues.
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what is average price of amsoil ATF? And are there different kinds? I never see any amsoil in the stores. A couple of friends really support Redline fluids. I was going to give them a swing but again none in local stores.
Amsoil prices are on their website. You can also find a local dealer to avoid shipping charges. Some dealers can even give you a slight break on price. Amsoil, RedLine, Royal Purple are all boutique oils and will not be found in stores. I'm sure RedLine is excellent but I am speaking from experience only, thus recommending Amsoil ATF. There is only one kind of Amsoil ATF so a mistake cannot be made on your part when purchasing. There are also Amsoil dealers on here you can purchase from as they support this site and are very knowledgable individuals on the subject. Gary Allan and Pablo are two dealers on this site I am aware of. Gary Allan and Pablo are their screen names so look them up and send them a PM. Oh, what engine oil (brand and weight) and filter are you using on your VQ35?
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right now i'm using mobil 5000 dino oil 5w-30 paired with either OEM nissan filter or pureone i think its called, its the budget filter that pepboy carries. I do my oil at 3750-4000 miles. i'm a spirited drive and its mainly highway miles. Once i get used to this site i'll start looking into blackstone and etc. If you own a g35 then i'm sure you saw the yellow sticker saying only put matic-J in the trans and not matic-D, somewhere under the hood. Now i noticed Amsoil states that it works on D/J. I'm not 100% sure on how that can be. Nissan went thru the trouble of putting 2 diffrent types of ATF in my car. Its kinda hard to see how Amsoil can be a one size fit all type of fluid.
RedLine, Royal Purple, Amsoil and Mobil1 ATF are a one size fits all for most transmissions. Basically, these companies satisfy the OEM standard in the more complex formulations such as Matic J and K. These formulations supercede Matic D, thus it is backwards compatible.
I would go with Amsoil or Redline for all your drive-train oil. Whatever is easier to get your hands on. Napa Auto stock Redline fluids on their shelves. -ttvr4
I have a 2004 G35X. I use only Nissan Matic-J in the tranny because of warranty (Infiniti is very strict on this for warranty). For the front and rear diffs, I use Redline 75W90 and in the transfer case I use Redline D4. I also use Redline power steering fluid. I have been happy with this setup.
i called 2 of my local napa dealerships and they dont stock redline fluids.... I like the convenience of going to a store and picking up a bottle if i'm short and stuff like that. Rather then ordering and waiting for it to come in the mail. redline's site list autozone, advance auto, pepboys and all 3 are no go.
Amazon is one of the best places to order Redline. Granted you have to wait a couple of days, but you will not find this level of quality on any auto parts store shelf. You are running it longer so its really not that much of an issue. I have had very good luck running RL over the years.
I used amazon and went directly to the vendor which is autobarn.com Quick question for future knowledge what type of redline gear oil do i need. I dont have a LSD on my AWD and is there a HUGE diffrence between 75w90 NS and the normal? I read that the NS is just pure oil and no additives. I was looking into amsoil briefly and the gear oil shows its possible to go 50k-100k on this gear fluid. Are you guys doing it for that long? its really down to amsoil or Redline for me. Amsoil looks like a deal IF and ONLY IF i can get away for 50-100k on the gear and ATF fluids. my recommended changes are at 30k
Nissan has introduced S Matic, and has back spec-ed it to former K and J applications. Anyone used it yet?
You will hear alot of differing opinions on which to use, Redline or Amsoil. As far as ATF and gear oil, through the years I have found Redline to be one of the best in my applications. This conclusion was not founded on UOA's, rather tear downs with a few of my drag cars. I like that it contains POE, one of the best lubricants on the planet and the company has a solid reputation/following in the racing circles. As far as recommending a fluid for your AWD, it sounds to me like the 75w-90 NS would work very well as it does not contain the friction modifier. I would call dave at Redline to see if this is their recommended product for your car. Personally I would never run any fluid for 100K, much less 50K. I believe in every 30k for diff fluid/ATF. But im also someone who changes his synthetic oil at 7,500. Again, you can't go wrong with either company. I just prefer Redline for some applications. What kind of use does this car see?
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The car is my daily drive and my only car. 20 miles on highway, some spirited driving and some cruising. I would like to say i go to the 1/4 track once a year. But honestly i don't think I'll be going back. The will have slight bolt-on mods. So as the mods start happening the more "spirited driving" i'll be doing. I will never tow, push, or pull anything. I really have no problems doing it at 30k, its my first AWD drive car. Its just i read on amsoil's site its 50k for hard-driving and 100k for normal driving. I've been considering bumping up my OCI as i read on this forum to 5k rather then 3750, since i run mobil 5000. I'm used to FWD where i changed the fluids at 45-50k.
For the engine, I would use a full synthetic. For the transmission, any univ/multi ATF, preferably full synthetic. Mobil1, Amsoil, Amalie, RoyalPurple, Castrol are some that I use and work perfectly. For the transfer case, same as the transmission. ATF+4 and Transynd are also great for transfer cases requiring ATF. For the 'ends, any full synthetic 75w90.
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