What filter is everyone running on their "newer" 3.6 2019-2022 GM Engines?

Aug 2, 2022
What yall running for oil filters? Usuaully run Wix in my older '12 Impala and '13 SRX but can't seem to find them online(or aleast for a outrargous price). Yes it was ain a wreck and fixed, inspected and drove 2500+ miles home. I tried to add a photo of the 2020 XT6 after it was in a fender bender but it doens't want to add the photo. I know, its the SRX in the photo.

Usually use Rockauto to get the part number but got confused as their calling for the same exact filter of my old 08 Sierra 5.3 and (Fram 10575 which was also the fram number for my 2013 SRX) - Rock Auto both listed the WIX filter WL10255 for my 2013 SRX and 2012 Impala. They all list the same exact mobile 1 filter between all the makes. I did cross the numbers on WIX website and got a few different numbers. Checking all the vehicles at Napa showed all the same Napa Gold number. I just got nervous that Rock Auto isn't listing the WIX number and would rather not pay more for Fram filters than I did for Wix filters just 6 months ago.

Asked this before but looking for "cheaper" filters for my '20 XT6 with the 3.6 @ 40K miles. Would be first oil change for use, so planning on using Mobil 1 full syn/high mileage/extended performance/ Kirkland Full synthetic and whatever filter. I am guessing the filter that I already have will work just the engine setup is a little different and want to be ready for when it is due

Usually doing oil changes at around 40-50%~ oil life monitor and at give or take 4200-5000 highway miles. Don't feel any worse about about the Kirkland oil than what oil filter I will be using. Wasn't too pleased learning about the "EXPENSIVE' 15-20$ a filter Wix)(paid Less than $7,50 after shipping for my last case from Rock Auto for my SRX + Impala). Never had a issue with Fram (even then the case of 12 was right around $100)


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AC Delco UPF63R would be my choice.
Yep that is one of the filters I was looking into. They updated their 63R for some reason, I know AC Delco had some sort of codes for the the dealer-only filters that don't come in single boxes
This engine specs a Fram 12060 in our shortened "shop" filter. I suppose the 12060 and 10575 have similar specs. Gives you a couple more options?
This engine specs a Fram 12060 in our shortened "shop" filter. I suppose the 12060 and 10575 have similar specs. Gives you a couple more options?
I believe the 3.6L LGX engine takes the longer 10575 filter. As posted above, the best choice may be the UPF63R.
Do we have any votes for 5w40, or am I going to be the first in a 2022 SLE Acadia?
Been using the Champ XL's from Rockauto. Has good specs, seems well built and good price.
We’ve been running the updated AC Delco PF63 in my wife’s traverse. My truck takes the same filter. Buy them from Rock Auto by the case. Less than $3.50 a filter for the OE filter is hard to beat. I’ve cut open several at this point. They always look good.

Side note: The PF63 does not show up when you look for either of our vehicles on rock auto. I just look them up by the part number. I guess their system hasn’t updated since AC Delco updated the filters with the metal end caps and dropped the “e” suffix (ex.PF63E).