what does LSD chatter sound like?

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Dec 14, 2002
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What does LSD chatter sound like? Does it only occur going around corners, or can it occur at launch as well? Does it sound like a groan, or is it more of a chop-chop-chop type sound? How long does it usually last when it does occur?

Any info would be great.


A friend's Durango made a 'heavy chirp' sound, I guess like a paleo-sparrow-saurus, often when cornering but sometimes starting quickly on rain slicked roads. New gear oil of the right type fixed it, as he also needed an additive as I recall.
What type of vehicle? I know some require limited slip friction modifiers of they will make noise. Most quality synthetic gear oils come with friction modifiers already in them.
Its a newly rebuilt BMW 4.10 LSD from a 318i.

It has M1 lube in it. M1 works fine in the LSD in my chevy truck... But I get some sort of a groan at launch in the BMW, and think it may be the diff.

I'm sure BMW makes a special LSD additive. Try using that.

Some diffs are more sensitive than others. I have a Caprice with LSD that will make noise unless I use the GM additive. Don't ask me why!
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I guess you are interested in a different version of "LSD" chatter
My Audi Quattro's torsen, which is an LSD, makes under extreme conditions a grinding noise, for example when the road surface changes suddenly from asphalt to dirt under hard acceleration. It can sound like a *chirp chirp chirp.*
When turning hard, torsen noise can also occur.
My simple clutch type merely makes a clunk on really tight corners. On faster and less acute stuff it just kinda hops the outside wheel ..or spins the inside (depends on if I'm coasting or giving it gas)

..but my buddy's new S10 ..man ..it sounded like a loose bike chain for a few feet if he backed up and turned around. It had to "setup". It was only noticable (more or less) in parking lot manuvering (backing up and what not). If you didn't know it was a LSD ..you would sware it had "issues".
The LSD in my Dana 70 makes sort of a quiet clunk (you have to be listening for it), the Detroit Locker in my cherokee makes a loud ratcheting sound and I really hav'nt heard any noise from the Quaife LSD in my SRT-4.
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