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Nov 9, 2003
Pacific NW
Ok, a guy posts on a Saab forum I frequent, that he's bought a car (a 2001 Saab 9-3) at auction through a friend, and now he's wondering whether he's looking at an engine rebuild. It's unclear whether he can back out of the auction deal, but here's his problem:

"I just bought the car through a guy at an auction in Atlanta (who is a friend of a friend) , so I don't know that much about the car yet - except that the oil wasn't changed in the 22K miles that the car has on it. He was informed that the engine was "sludged" and had a knock. It wouldn't start because the battery was low, but I will have more information when the car is started. I will have about 8,500 into the car before it is ready to have the engine dealt with. I am trying to figure out how much I am looking at putting into the engine (worst case scenerio) before I put a fight to not have to buy this car. Does anyone have any worst case scenerio prices?"

I told him, not so fast, maybe it's not a goner - how 'bout an AutoRX treatment? He obviously doesn't know what the "knock" is, don't know whether he knew about it before he bid on the car.
He hasn't got that much into it, relative to book.

What do you think?

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If he's stuck with it, I'd try some Seafoam as a fuel system cleaner and try a good syn oil and change it frequently. It might just work it out, before taking extreme measures.
I would plan on two Auto-Rx treatments up front! I would then switch the car over to a good synthetic 15W50 after Auto-Rx treatment was done. I would start saveing up for a nice used engine from a slavage yard or look at some short blocks if their was a rod knock!

The head is probably fine. He can probably just boil the head and change the seals. The 22,000 miles with no oil change would not scar me that much if they at least toped off the oil!

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