What do you guys do for a living?

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Jul 10, 2003
I suspect the majority of you are engineers, mechanics, softare developers and anything else that is technical. I think the average age should be around 40. Just curious as to the demographic. I will start: Age: 31 Education: Bcomm, MBA Career: Project Management in Financial Services Industry.
OK, I'll bite... Age: 37 Ed.: BS Chemistry Occ.: Analytical Chemist for a mid-size pharmaceutical co.
Age: 27 and getting older. Occupation: Air Force Transporter. WHOA!! Education: ?, huh?, master on BS, high school PhD....boot camp? [Patriot] Rick
Age: 24 Ed: full time student for B.Sc Biochemistry (atop of all those BMW Driving courses, Investment courses from the stock exchange, etc.)
I don't even know what PhD means....and no, I'm not kidding either. I can barely speak iNglish. Rick
Ph.D.=Doctor of Philosophy, or as more commonly known: Piled Higher and Deeper--BS that is.... For me the ticket to play in the game I want to play in. Dan [ August 29, 2003, 09:42 PM: Message edited by: Dan4510 ]
Age: 42 Ed. Assoc. in Criminal Justice. Fairmont State College, Fairmont, WV. [Cheers!] Occupation: Tractor trailer driver (tanker yanker) for the last seven years. [Happy]
Just occured to me, this thread needs to be in General and Off topic. I am going to move it there and lock it under this heading. Dan
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