What do we know about Torco SR-5 oils?

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
I searched and didn't find too much on it. Whats the difference between the SR-1 and the SR-5? I currantly have 6 qts ($75.00!)worth of the 5w-30 SR-5 stuff in my 4.0 Jeep. The shop only carries SR-5 5w-30 and 20w-50. Waddaya's think about sampling it @ 4000 miles for starters?
The SR-5 is the race oil and the SR-1 is the street oil. I believe the main difference is that the SR-5 has more zinc in it than the SR-1. I would love to see a UOA of the SR-5.
There is a VOA of SR-5 in the VOA section posted my me hehe. Go take a peek. Its pretty heavily packed with AW/EP additives. Looks similar to Redline but not made for extended drains. Its also PAO/Ester combination where as SR-1 is PAO. Also SR-1 is API SL rated where as SR-5 naturally is not.
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