What do they call Group III's in Europe?

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May 28, 2002
Heard that group III's were not permitted to be called "synthetic" in Germany. Anyone have documents to confirm this or is it an old wives tale? If so, what do they call group III oils? Blends?
Interesting considering when Chevron released their 1999 "white paper", The Synthetic Nature of Group III Base Oils, the authors stated that some European blenders had begun replacing PAOs with Group-IIIs in their synthetic product "a number of years ago". Now that the EU has politically consolidated specifications on a wide range of products, it begs the question whether one member country could swim against the standardization tide without having to answer to Brussels. However, these are just my personal musings, so make of them as you wish. [ June 09, 2003, 12:04 PM: Message edited by: Ray H ]
Germany, as far as i know are the only country that classifies the two syn. oils. Group III are labelled 'HC' or Hydrocraked' or Technosynthese, while PAO's/Group V's are labelled 'Full Syn.' or 100% Synthese. The rest of Europe....who knows? I wouldnt be surprised if they did replace PAO w/ Group III oils but, they still mix them w/ Esters/Group IV oils.
Well, I think it depends on the PROPORTION of Group IV or Group V. Shell's Helix Ultra is mostly PAO and ester, with a significant amount of XHVI (Group III) in it, but if you look at www.shell-helix.de you'll notice that's it's labled a full synthetic. However, the Helix Plus, which has PAO in it, but is MOSTLY XHVI, isn't. It's labeled "Synthesetechnologie." [ June 09, 2003, 01:01 PM: Message edited by: G-Man II ]
A point of clarification, Chris. When you mentioned, "Esters/Group IV" in the above post, did you really mean "Group V" or is your reference correct as written which would indicate esters <i>and</i> PAOs?
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