What company makes BMW oil in the U.S.?

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Nov 16, 2003
A friend of mine goes to the dealership for synthetic oil changes. I'm anxious to know what company makes the BMW dino/synthetic oil.

Also, is there a thread on this site that says what oils are behind the re-packaged containers at the dealerships? ie (Toyota Motor oil= Exxon)

"BMW recommends Castrol". I recall seeing the same slogan on Mini's, Volvo's and Jags.

However, it is not Syntec 5-30, but rather a proprietary A3-rated 5-30 made by Castrol NA in NJ. I'm assuming the addative package is different to allow for this and BMW LL (Long Life)/10k mi. drain specs.
Made by Castrol, and its probably imported from Europe. BMW HP Synthetic is known as "Softec TXT Plus" over there.
hmmm from the past couple posts it sounds like he should stick with BMW brand? He wants the best for his vehicle and I was wanting to make sure it was quaker state or something LOL.. is the BMW comparable or better to M1?
Depends...yes, it is better than M-1 5/10-30, but not better than the 0-40 or 15-50.
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