What brand of oil do you use?

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Jun 7, 2009
Ok, let's hear it. What brand of oil do you use and why? Here's is order of what I would use if one or more options were not available.... 1997 mercury sable

Mobil Clean 5000- Cheap major label conventional oil and Grandpa bought shares of Exxon 40 years ago. Just padding my inheritance.

Super Tech- Cheapest oil. If it protected any less then name brand oils and ruined engines, I'm sure we would have heard of it by now.

Pennzoil- because I like the color of yellow on the bottle

Quaker State- color green is cool, but doesn't catch my eye like pennzoil

Castrol- green not as stand out ish as quaker state and white bottle, well, it's just white.

Valvoline- see previous line for views on white bottles.

Havoline- black is boring

For my motorcycle

15w40 Delvac- because of previous mentioned stock interest.

15w40 Rotella- name brand

15w40 or 20w50 super tech- I say I believe in super tech, but I can't bring myself to put it in my motorcycle just yet.

For my car oil is oil. For motorcycle, I use name brand oil for no other reason then it makes me feel better.
Conventional: Havoline b/c it's cheaper then others and seems to perform as well as any other dino oil.

Synthetic: M1 0w-30, though I haven't used this yet I recently purchased a few jugs because of the $10 rebates that are available, and I'm looking forward to using it this winter.

Side note: I actually wanted to try Valvoline SynPower b/c of the excellent UOAs I had seen. But between the available rebates and 0w rating I decided to give M1 a try when I change my oil in November. I'll try the SynPower after a few oil changes with M1
Right now:
Toyota Tacoma-Castrol Edge
Yamaha F40 Outboard-Chevron Delo 15w40
John Deere L115-Chevron Delo 15w40

The Toyota is running great with Edge and the Delo protects my little Yamaha from the saltwater environment I live in.

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Haha, I sometimes feel that way too.

I've experimented in my cars, and they're still around to tell about it. I am pretty sure you could quite easily flip a coin and run the engine 300,000 miles on any oil as long as it was changed frequently enough.
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Your choosing oil just because the color of the bottle? That sounds like something my girlfriend would do. But for whats its worth go YB.

+1 for YB. After you empty the bottles, wipe a thin film of new oil over the bottle and place them in your garden. Yellow attracts whitefly and several other insects and they get stuck in the oil film. It really helps tomato plants.
I use whatever brand meets the specs I need and I percieve as a good value. Recently it has been Quaker state GB, Quaker state Torque power(clearance), NAPA Synthetic (sale), and PP.
Right now its GTX because it was on sale when I was starting my stash (early BITOG days). Plus I wanted dino runs in the summer to help save some money to run the expensive 0W oils in the extreme winters here (see below)...oh yeah and auto-rx runs.
In the truck I have UFA branded oils because they were on clearance and known ESSO products.

The winter-
The van and truck get UFA Polar Plus (XD3 0W-30)) until I run out of that stash of wonderful clearance score (8-5Ljugs)!!! Then to the ST 0W-30 another clearance score!
The car on the other hand I need a 0W-20. I used and liked PP 0W-20 this last winter and it performed well but due to their recent re-formulation. I will be switching to Mobil1 AFE as soon as it hits the Canadian market. They have some extremely good -40 numbers (If you can find a 0w-20 with better -40 numbers, please tell me). I am currently sending emails to Petro Canada to see if they will start to market a 0W-20, I would rather run PC than Mobil1 if given the choice.
For right now, Pennzoil Platinum 5W-20 in all three cars.

Amsoil ATF in the two Honda transmissions and Mobil 1 ATF in the Mercury transmission.

Mobil 1 75W-90 in the Mercury rear axle.
Royal Purple
Kendal GT1
Penzoil Platinum
Valvoline Synpower
Quaker State( whatever the current newest name is - changes all the time )

Castrol GTX
- Amsoil in my '06 Santa Fe or Pennzoil Platinum (Depending on Temperature) (Have also used Mobil-1 in the past)
- Pennzoil YB in my moms Kia
- Quaker State Peak Peformance in my Austin Mini (changed 1/year - not many miles)
- Shell Rotella-T Syn in my 89' Cabriolet
- Whatever is on sale for my dads Caravan
- Whatever is on sale for my dads Ford Windstar
- Whatever is on sale for my Partners Escort
- Whatever is on sale for the neighbors car

M1 oils for 31 years.
Never had an engine failure even with some very high mileage cars.
Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30:
1987 Camaro IROC-Z
1992 Chevy Lumina Euro 3.1L
1998 Lexus LS400

Chevron Delo 15w-40:
1987 Acura Legend Coupe

Mobil 1 5W-30:
2003 Craftsman/Honda Lawn Mower

Craftsman Synthetic 2-Smoke Oil:
2003 Craftsman 23cc string trimmer
2006 Craftsman 23cc blower
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