What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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Jan 3, 2009
As for my family, most of us(two grown children and all of my 8 grand children) are traveling to Panama City Beach for the holiday. My wife and I were in PCB just last month, but the kids wanted all of us to go there. The weather looks good for the week, with temps in the middle 70s.
My mom and dad and other siblings are going to my sisters house on Bainbridge Island, WA for the first time. My mom and dad have always done the turkey thing. This year my sister is doing it, but she seems to know how to cook. I have just never seen her do the turkey. Give thanks for all that we have. I have a regular job since July of this year. So I'm thankful for that. Amen I hope everybody has a good Thanksgiving!
Spending a week and a half in Florida. Sarasota & Orlando. Planning to see a rocket launch on the 25th at Cape Canaveral. Also wondering if I'm going to luck out and get a great rental car in the Emerald Aisle or have to pick between the usual Chevy or Dodges!
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We spend Thanksgiving with my wife's mother and sister in San Jose. Our son lives in Sunnyvale and joins us. Christmas they come spend a couple of days with us.
Grandma does the turkey, we usually meet at my uncles place and then go deer hunting after dinner and the game. This year, however, we are all gathering at the hall behind the church. I havent seen most of my family since holidays two years ago so im really looking forward to catching up.
My wife and I are heading over to Strasbourg, France to visit the Christmas markets.
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Driving to Western VA in the B2300; Trip is 512 miles one way. I-84 to I-81; doesn't get much simpler than that.
Watch out for deer on 81 at night and dawn/dusk. Its a kiling field on that road for deer. We will hopefully be home.
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We usually try to do some volunteer work on the holidays. This year we'll be serving up meals at a church sponsored shelter from 10:00 to 1:00. When we get home we'll probably take the bikes down to the trail and go for a ride, or take a walk on the trail if we don't feel like riding the bicycles.
I have no thanksgiving plans at all. I'll stay home and maybe eat a microwaved hot dog or something.
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