What are you watching in YouTube?

I’ve been watching some old NWA wrestling and some scrappers videos. Yeah, I’m a bit weird. This is classic

Dude....I've been obsessed on IG with Dusty R. and Rick F. meme pages....so funny and I used to love watching when I was a kid.
This is probably what hades looks like. Inside Serbia steam locomotive #9 pulling coal trains to steel mill circa 2019


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I was recently watching Frankenstein's Lab. Short 10 minute vids of two dudes that looked totally high, while they watched politically incorrect Family Guy cutaways. Some of their reactions are more hilarious than the cutaways.
Mainly the financial, two Real Estate channels and select prepping channels. I like to know what's coming down the road instead of waking up some Friday morning and finding out like a lot of people did that their bank is insolvent. My three favorite on YT are I Allegedly, SouthernPrepper1 and Pinball Preparedness. Dan over at I Allegedly is financial, Dave at SouthernPrepper1 is former Army does some prep but I like his Boots On The Ground reports are worth the listen. Subscribers send reports about what's happening around them. Pinball is former Army Intelligence does prep, financial and political. All three do short daily videos usually around 20 minutes and are very down to earth.

I also have a couple channels that pull TikToc videos, repost them on their channels, and make commentary of the Fruit Cake creators that put them up. Some of these TikTok videos can be hilarious when you realize how screwed up the younger generation has become. Plus I have a couple automobile ones like Just rolled in, Nicks Garage and Uncle Tony's Garage. There are another two or three that go into repairs that I like also that will jump into my feed occasionally. My girlfriend called me last week and asked what I was doing. When I told her I was watching a YT video of a guy doing a timing chain replacement on a 2011 V6 Camaro, she started laughing herself silly.

Example of what the MSM won't tell how bad things could get over SVB getting taken over on Friday. Pay attention how bad many Tech companies got screwed in this bank failure.

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Car repair videos. I know I’m a mechanic but I enjoy watching car repair videos. I’ve got to do some suspension work to my Escape so just wanted to see what all tools I’ll need and the exact design. I sure do hate press in ball joints lol.
I get bored and watch videos of myself playing games on my laptop. It's basically an amateur gaming channel.