what are some good tires for my saturn

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Apr 28, 2011
missouri usa
So the time has come to get new tires. I have a 98 Saturn sl2 15 in rims . Right now i have hankook mileage plus on it and to be Honest I'm not real impressed. They are noisy and don't grip all that well. I have trouble taking off agressivly is a no go in the rain. What would be some good tires that wouldn't break the bank and would be a good tire? Thanks guys
The yokohoma tires jhzr2 suggested have worked very well on my sons saturn. Gets better gas mileage too! 42 on the highway.
As stupid as it sounds, I only purchase michelins for my "normal" vehicles. Costco has great prices. Also, look at tire rack.com for reviews of the tires you choose. You will probably find michelin at the top of the reviews. The real world results are that good.
Hey, I went to Sam's Club for my '01 Saturn & got great B.F. Goodrich tires 50,000 miles ago and they still look great & great traction! Should get 85,000-90,000 miles on them easy, so there you go!
I get my stuff at Discount Tire and have been pleasantly suprised by the Falkens. All have worn well and give pretty good wet and dry traction.
Also check at tire rack for country of origin. Many tires are not US made. The yokosuka and coopers are, the michelins may be.
Can't got wrong with anything from Goodyear. I'm running their F1 Asymmetric which have phenomenal grim. If you want mileage life then look at NCT5
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Check cooper cs4 and Yokohama avid touring lines.
+1 These work quite well on Gm compacts...
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What do you guys think of kumho solus or a pair of fuzions?
To use your sig line and make some adjustments, Those who select cheap, third world-made items for temporary cost savings deserve neither first-world standards of living or money in the pocket!
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Lol I don't know nothing about them. I guess there cheap? Lol
Alright guys I've called a bunch of places and got some prices. I have to say I was pretty startled by the prices. I know theses are cheap but has anyone ever heard of nankang tires?
...not really? I'd recommend Pirelli P4s ...or perhaps Michelin Harmony/Destiny/X-Radial etc...probably decent enough in snow. I also like the suggestion of Cooper CS4, check into them at your local Sears???
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