What are effective ways to reduce emissions?

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Aug 5, 2014
San Francisco
A recent article from Transport Topics shares how UPS has made great progress in carbon emission reduction (-1.5% from 2012 as shipping volume rose 3.9%!)The company uses technology like LNG tractors and software route optimization to achieve these results. They currently set a goal of 20% by 2020!

What are some of the most effective ways your company’s found to reduce your emissions?

Idle less, drive newer vehicles, drive more fuel efficient vehicles, slow down.

However, reducing carbon emissions may not align with a company's profit goals.
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If we left nature alone.

So increase human population density that would reduce emissions.

So put 1000people in a highrise is one of the best environmentally friendly thing to do versus 1000people living in pristine wilderness being one with nature. So "Cityfolk" are the best thing going for the environment. There will also be a higher density of services in the local area.

Things such as google buses take away the cost from living far from work. So they actually are counterintuitively bad for the environment;

If people had to suffer through traffic 1hour each day, they would decide to live closer to where they work.
Adding lanes and providing buses are actually "enablers" that allow people live further away from what they would do otherwise. Even more so as these are the folks that have the financial means to choose where they live.
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Ship as much as possible by rail (lowest specific fuel consumption per ton of any shipping method) and as little as possible by air (high consumption per ton, there are minimal emission controls on jet engines, and the emissions are injected into the worst possible part of the atmosphere).
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People's choices for car purchases is by far the most effective way to cut emissions.

Too many people use fashion to buy cars. That's why we have muscle cars, pick up trucks that rarely haul anything, cars with V6 and V8 over powered mills to take their fat a$$'s to work and they're the sole passenger too!

Too often it's all about one's image, fashion, compensation for voids in their lives or for too small a certain body member.

At aged 54 I am so over the desire of a wicked fast luxury car...I've grown up and moved on to spending my money on income properties.

In short, if we as a society grow up, the amount of emissions could be slashed by perhaps 75% or more.
Low CO2 emmission are possible by using less fuel, and using fuel with less carbon.

However, it makes no mention of NOx, HC, CO, or PM, chemicals far deadlier than CO2.

If less CO2 emissions were the #1 item, diesels would be built without a DPF or EGR system.
Global warming and the "dangers of C02" are just scams...just popular political/science fads with weak, if any, supporting evidence. There are SO many more pollutents that could be dealt with that would make a MUCH larger difference in the health of the planet.

But, if you want to make a difference in CO2 emissions, just Plant more trees. Biology 101. Trees take in CO2 and sunlight and make O2 for us to enjoy. Problem solved!
We try to buy less disposable junk, stuff that ends up in the landfill in a year or two. We heat with wood, and eat mostly local foods much of it that we produce.
I'd like to telecommute, but my employer isn't too progressive.
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