What about NEO?

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Nov 9, 2003
Pacific NW

New member here, replaced M1 10W/30 in one my five vehicles (Saab turbo) with NEO recently as a test, because I had heard good things about it. I'm on my second cycle, had UOA done on first change but it was a short interval and I really couldn't conclude much from it. Anyone have any take on this stuff?
I wish I had the knowledge you guys have to sort this out. Aside from the cost factor, can anyone interpret that thread for me? Is this a good oil, so-so, or detrimental in any way?
Can you share your first UOA report with us? I'd love to see some reports on this oil, especially their 0w5 oil! (which I suspect is not as thin of an oil as their name implies)
NEO is highly regarded in F1, CART, IRL etc and actually mandatory in several racing transmissions. They have helped F1 teams with special grease etc for CV joints. I know here Range Rovers were chopping out o'drive gear when driven at constant high speed in summer and only NEO fixed it.
Actually, I went back and looked, and my first cycle since I've had this car was on M1 10W/30 (with five cars, I get them confused occasionally
). So this will be my first on NEO. I think I'm gonna send in a sample for VOA, since I've got another gallon left and I'd like a baseline report to check against the one Jason8691 got.

BTW, can someone interpret the abreviations from the VOA thread? for me:

Wonder how significant it is that it is only SH rated, not SL?

Originally posted by bearclaw:

BTW, can someone interpret the abreviations from the VOA thread? for me:

PCMO stands for Passenger Car Motor Oil
ZDDP stands for zinc dialkyldithiophosphates, or it basically means your zinc and phosphorus content
EP stands for Extreme Pressure
I don't drive the car it's in very much, but my initial observation with the 10W-30 is that my engine is quieter than it than it's ever been on M1 or Amsoil ATM. No seal leakage, but I had none before. It almost never gets below the 30's in the winter here, I might just go with it year-round. Anxious to see what the UOA looks like.
Neo isn't an SL oil. I wouldn't use it in a new car; actually I would since I don't car for warranties and do all my own repairs.
I don't have much support for API.
The VOA wasn't anything but---cost too much. Nothing there was bad.

We need a bunch of good/bad/average UOAs before any UNBIASED conclusion can be made.
A few answers on NEO. Neo is an excellent oil in my opinion. I have used many oils to compare to and Neo stands out in a few areas. NEO was put in my test car that had seals seeping and they no longer seep is this due to a Group 5 basestock I believe so. Also this test car has 217,000 miles and gets excellent gas mileage also my opinion.
1985 PONTIAC Parisenne 305 V-8 217,000 miles and gets 19.8 MPG.
Midwest temps are 10 degrees to 102 degrees the oil 10/30 is the oil I use all year long with no problems. The ratio for driving is 60/40 highway/city.
Also questions on procedures for NEO they recommend a filter change every 3-5 thousand miles depending on driving conditions. The filter brands recommended are OEM (AC,MOTORCRAFT) or WIX oil filters. So a cost analysis is 7 quarts of oil for the year on my test car and 4 oil filters for the year. $70 for oil and $20 for filters (WIX).
Thanks for your time.
If you have any questions Paul Baker could answer them the number is on their website:

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VOAs are one thing.

But I'd like to see a forum member try this stuff a couple times, run their car AT LEAST 5,000 miles and then post the UOAs.

--- Bror Jace
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