What a good AMSOIL dealer should be.

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Dec 9, 2003
Forest On
One of my downline dealers wrote this and I think it is very telling of what a good AMSOIL dealer should be. =========================================== To get started, we would like everyone to know, that we are not Public Relations Agents for Amsoil. We Know the product, We use the product, We believe in the product and finally, We sell the product. Hence we will never get into discussions about how a competitors oil is better or does this and that. We are here to sell Amsoil and not compare one oil from another. Recreation users are generally creatures of habit, and product loyal. It is not our intention to tell anyone that the oil they are using is not as good as ours and that they should buy ours because it is better. The chances of us changing anyone's mind about what oil product to use would be equivalent of trying to talk a Rabbi into becoming a Priest. It ain't gonna happen! ============================================== Now noteveryone may agree with his view, but I think he has what it takes to be honest and striaght with his customers.
Great post. I TRY to live by that creed here as well. Sometimes it's tempting to bad mouth a product, but as he stated - it's rather pointless. I have never verbally tried conversion, hawking, or general car sales tactics.
And as stated on our SF website, if we don't have a product we will recommend other company's products (that we have tried or know something about) to a customer, as a gesture of good will.
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