whale oil in ATF

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No Lubegard products had Sperm whale oil. Whale oil is actually an excellent lubricant for usage in AT's and other equipment needing a naturally large VI. So yes ATF did contain sperm whale oil.
ATF? Don't recall that I do know it was used in gear lubricants till about circa 1975.

Its banned in this country (have to kill the whales to get it) and many others.
I remember that the limited slip differentials used a sperm whale oil. I found this on Mobil's web site:


The oil must be able to withstand the shocks and loads created by the transfer of engine horsepower and torque to the wheels
Right up until commercial whaling was largely outlawed in the 1970s, a major component of this high-pressure lubricant came from sperm whales. These compounds have since been replaced with more modern manufactured equivalents.
If you do a search in this same topical area, you will find a thread in which I name the esters found in whale oils.

These esters have been synthesized and are better than the original oils.
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