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May 5, 2018
Fairhill Maryland
Was just there. Ordered only a large unsweetened tea. They got a new guy working the window that has done me in 3x this week.

He has absolutely no interest in what you get...lol

So he gives me a sweet tea. Before I take off I sip it...learned the hard way.
Promises he is giving me the right tea. This time it is Coke.

Never done this before but i call the store from the parking lot. Nice lady answers. Says sorry and where are you. At the front I say... I"ll bring it out to you and give your money back. She did and I told her to keep the $$$.

Feel bad for her as she is training others while the window guy is the culprit and could care less
Not that I really blame him...
I'm not a drive thru fan. And to be honest, if I was just looking for a drink I'd stop at a convenience store.
Yeah you are right but I'm still in the virus phase. but yup!
Not a good selection of unsweet teas out there though.
Most bottled stuff isn't so good
I don’t do drive through for food. I learned that long ago. McDonald’s was what caused my epiphany. I stopped by one years ago, ordered and was asked to pull up and wait. Well, I waited and waited and waited. I got out and went in. I asked about my order. They said it will be up in a minute. I said good, you eat it and I want my money back. I got my refund. Being devious, I decided to go to the same McDonald’s and and order by drive through. I had a plan. I ordered and sure enough, they said pull up and park. I said nope and that I would wait right here until my food was ready. That was my last drive through experience.
Guy needs to pay more attention to his work orders. Alot of people work hard for there money and want what they are paying for in the first place. If he has the __ck it attitude -- then he needs to GO!!!!
Here's the golden rule when it comes to drive thru. If you don't check your order before you leave, it will be wrong. If you check your order before you leave, it will be right. (y)
I wish that were true, but it's not.... The benefit is I find the mistake before I get home and then have to go back. My favorite is when they mess up by sandwich. I order my sandwiches, be it a burger, chicken, fish, etc as "cheese only". I don't eat ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, etc, etc. They tell me "you didn't order it that way" and my calm, firm response is, "yeah, I did. I've ordered them this way longer than you've been alive" and it's automatic for me.
Sounds like a management issue.
I always wonder.... No matter the accuracy or number of mistakes, it seems that restaurants can't afford to fire every employee every time a mistake is made (or repeated). A new employee likely makes more mistakes than a "veteran" so otherwise it's just a revolving door of constant training, slow service, and so on. I really think it leans more on the employees and not caring or laziness.
The Popeye's in Stuart, FL right off of of I-95 is the best Popeye's I've ever been to. The lady manager is a tough boss. Her place is clean, the employees neat and tidy, the food hot and delicious. At least while she is on duty.

Other local Popeye's are run by low IQ thugs and, quite simply, they are a mess in every way.
The average rate for a Wendy's cashier in Maryland is $8.42/hour according to a couple of web sites. If the cashier is completely dedicated and does the job well he or she can become a "crew member" at a rate of $9.42. At that rate you're lucky that you don't get a tea with extra loogie.
I'm sure it varies.
Yesterday I saw a sign at Mcdonald's in Rising Sun. MD. that you start at $12 an hour and after 2 weeks you get a raise. But the amount wasn't noted.
Yesterday I saw a sign at Mcdonald's in Rising Sun. MD. that you start at $12 an hour and after 2 weeks you get a raise. But the amount wasn't noted.
$13/hour for regular workers and $16/hour for "management" here in our small city (5000 population).
Because of the virological-crisis-that-shall-not-be-named, I don't eat out much, but when I was a regular, I'd make Chick-Fil-A a priority. It was the only place where:

a) The staff seemed genuinely happy to see you
b) They busted tail to get your order out quickly
c) The food on the tray actually looked like the food on the menu-board.