Well, PIcked up my spring oil

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Dec 14, 2003
Ok guys. God, I hop it warms up a bit. I hear it is going into the 70's in Michigan in a week or so. I went to walmart, they had Delvac 1300 in a nice new pretty bottle for $5.86 I believe. I picked up two gallons. Damn what a deal. You know the best part I love about this oil.. A TBN OF 12 Gotta love it!! Come on summer.
I had a G here for my friend's neglected and oil buring VW 2.0l but I returned it for the Pennzoil LL. The LL is almost a 50 weight and reports are in the UOA section of it sealing up leaks well too. I am still trying to figure out which HDEO has the best cold cranking. My computer chokes on PDFs, so I am guessing Delvac does.
I got my spring/summer oil a couple weeks ago: 15w40 Valvoline Durablend. Cold cranking is 5700 cP @ -20C and a -36C pour point. Can hardly wait to put it in. Going on 3000 miles with the winter oil (10w40), but may run it a bit longer if Blackstone says to.
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