Weird Observation with new Spark Plug

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May 1, 2012
On cylinder #1 in my truck in my signature, I have to change that plug every 2-3k miles. That cylinder burns a ton of oil and the plug fouls quickly.

Once I feel a few misses, I change it. EVERYTIME I install a clean plug in that cylinder, the truck idles poorly and misses in cylinder for a minute. Then, she smoothes right out and runs like a top for another 2-3k miles.

Why does it miss with a freshly cleaned plug?
I had the same one cylinder problem in my 79 Monte Carlo. It was the back cylinder. The one impossible to reach. Figures. Had to change it every 3k.
It misses at first because there's junk in the cylinder that wasn't burned because the previous plug wasn't firing. It takes a minute to burn it off. You can use an anti fouler but it'll just prolong the inevitable for a little longer.

Do you know why it's burning so much oil? If it's a valve seal you could change them all in an afternoon. If it's gummed up rings you could fill the cylinder with some Seafoam and let it sit for a while.
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Maybe it's the ECU figuring things out? Is it fuel injected?

OP Sig says TBI = Throttle Body Injection

Ah, gotcha, didn't know that one.
I don't know why, but it sounds like you're ignoring the real issue here. You're ok with changing it every 2-3k miles, but wonder why it runs rough for a minute after you change it?
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It misses at first because there's junk in the cylinder that wasn't burned because the previous plug wasn't firing. It takes a minute to burn it off.

These are situation where I wish the web could meld a little better with the real world. Great advice and insights within moments of posting and a well guided intent to get the OP to explore the cause but perhaps some OPs are in apartments or don't have the tools. I wonder if as the internet ages that there will be an out ward thrust into "club meetings" kinda like some online colleges do " hybrid courses" with a few in person labs.

In short, wouldn't it be awesome if ther were BITOG "action clubs" "team days" "wrenching days".
You probably have a broken ring. This is caused by a worn out engine. I had an old 1974 C-10 that had a lot of wear and blowby. Eventually there is enough slop in the moving assembly where the ring makes contact with the cylinder ridge and breaks it.
Could it be a stuck ring?
Throw some Techron or MMO in the cylinder at night so it can work on freeing it up fast.
I would add some to the fuel.
Do valve guides and seals go on just on cylinder?
Did you check out this problem in 2012 guides and seals?
How is the condition of your distributor pickup coil?
Valve seal/guide
Spark plug wire
Weird condition within distributor cap (carbon track or crack)
Break in head gasket

Had to do head gaskets on a friend's 1989 K1500. He had built the engine from a blueprinted block only 50,000 or 60,000 miles before. He admitted to skimping on the head bolts (theorizing that they had lost their stretch).
My point is that the break in the head gasket was less than an inch-a very local break.

Maybe do a compression test? Kira
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