Weird but appearently true story- woman being evicted let loose a swarm of bees on Deputys' presenting notice


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
Story is pretty out there. A woman being issued an eviction notice let loose a swarm of bees on deputy sheriffs. According to the AP story, the woman put on a beekeeper suit, and opened a trailer full of bees and let the bees loose.

The pictures from the incident show a different chain of events, but still how wacky is the story.

From the AP
Rorie S. Woods, 55, of Hadley, Mass., and a Hampden County Sheriff's Department officer, vie for control of containers of bees, in Longmeadow, Mass., Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2022. Woods is facing multiple assault and battery charges for allegedly releasing a swarm of bees on a group of sheriff's deputies, some of them allergic to bee stings, as they tried to serve an eviction notice, authorities said.

I previously worked for an apartment complex. Most evictions were long gone by the time the sherriff's office showed up. Only a couple of times the S.O. had to physically remove the person from the property.
LEO's must always Bee aware and Bee ready.
Guess LEOs' should incorporate beekeeper suits and bee attack training as part of their risk management program....

Every agency (LEO) should develop and utilize a Risk Management and Liability Reduction

A. Goals:
- Identify likelihood of real or potential hazards prior to their occurrence.
- Provide protective measures which are reasonable and cost effective to prevent such
hazards from occurring or to otherwise minimize unavoidable damage or injury.

RISK – the chance of injury, damage or loss; deals with the degree of probability
MANAGEMENT – the handling, controlling, directing tactful treatment.
B. Four Components in Risk Management
1. Identify the hazards or potential hazards faced by the agency.
2. Determine the means of elimination or curtailing the identified exposures.
3. Implement appropriate measures for reduction of exposure.
4. Monitor effectiveness of the reduction measure, making further changes as
The house she renting was really nice.


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PsychoKaren... greenie/hippie and common in area

If allergic to bees, could be attempted murder.

Lock the nutcase up and throw away the keys. Bringing back chain gangs might prevent sudden mental disease outbreaks. With no fear of real punishment, the excuse of not taking headmeds gets tiring to hear repeatedly.

I'd bet that the neighborhood expects $2500-3500 a month for rent with most houses from $400k-1million+. Wonder if bee keeping paid that well? Glad I don't live in Mass anymore.
The story is lacking some important information. Who was being evicted? It says the police were serving "an eviction" and that protesters were at the house when they arrived. Then this woman pulls up with the bees. Was SHE being evicted? What were the protesters protesting?

I always figured if you want to squat in a house, you actually have to be there. Then if it escalates far enough, the cops come put you out. If you leave the house, it seems like you've defeated your own purpose.

At any rate, she looks quite proud of herself in the mugshot.
Great! It used to be “Florida Man…” headlines! Now it’s going to be “Massachusetts Woman…” headlines. ….Yup.. I just googled “Massachusetts Woman headline” and every result on the first page was on this story. A honey of neighbor for sure…regardless if she actually lived there or somewhere else.