weed-eater engine in a small tiller

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Mar 28, 2009
Huron, Tn
Hi all, schools out for me, so me and my grandfather are going to try a summer project... we are going to put an old Sthil weed-eater engine in our small Murry tiller.(The murry's org. engine blew up three years ago.)
We know the engine will turn the blades well, but we are wondering about the throttle control. (attaching them to new engine)

What do you think???

By the way, don't ever get a murry or walmart brand tiller or mower.



also, the weed-eater is in good shape, but we have a new one and we love to take things together.
What was the original engine on the tiller? is a small front tine model with a small briggs vert or horizontal shaft engine? I'd think you'd burn up the centrifugal clutch on the Stihl engine, but w/out knowing what you've got..dunno for sure.

the org. engine was a tushenuon, or something.....

we have got where all we have to make it turn the blades, and mount the engine.

We used a lot of duck tape!
So it was a dinky 2cycle engine powered tiller to begin with? If that's the case, you should be able to rig it up with a string trimmer engine. You'll have to get creative with the throttle control.

I got a free tiller from my grandpa that has uses a ryobi engine. Same thing as a weedeater. You could probably find pictures on the internet or I could take some pics if it would help. I need to put a new gas line on it to get her running.. one of my many projects.
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