Wax using orbital

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Feb 16, 2005
Scituate MA
I got a orbital electriacl waxer (is that the name?).

Anyway, the 02 minivan hasn't been done in a while.
What are the steps:
1. Wash
2. Let'er dry
3. Do you apply the wax by hand then buff off?
4. Polish?

I have some Zymol I plan to use.

Please advise/recommendations.
A cheap random orbit waxer doesn't do much more than you can do by hand. But I still use one. You will only use it to apply the wax. Thinly. You still buff it off by hand. Make sure the car is CLEAN. You don't want to random-orbit a piece of something all over like tar or a stone and scratch your finish.

So yeah, Wash, dry, wax. Polish would come between the dry and wax, but I thought you were using a one step product (like a cleaner wax).

Others here will run circles around me, so if in doubt listen to them. The fact I can do a good enough job to give advice is a testament to how easy it is, not how good I am with a buffer.
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Good advice above. As said, use the buffer to apply a thin coat of wax or polish or whatever you are using. Use towels to remove by hand. Consider buying a few microfiber towels if you don't have any; you'll find hand polishing much easier and more effective than with cotton terry or rags.

I assume the Zymol stuff you have is a cleaner wax product? Be careful around textured plastic trim as many waxes can stain it. Wax in the shade, out of direct sun if possible.

Take your time, have fun, and enjoy!
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