water temp gauge sensor install question

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Jul 27, 2004
Frankfort, Kentucky
I know it's stupid, but wanted to confirm with someone smarter than me that this is right. After a short drive, the top hose is hot, and the bottom hose is not. That means that the sensor needs to be installed in the top hose right, to get the most accurate temperature reading?
It needs to be installed near the upper hose connection. I guess you could build a contraption to actully put the sender in the upper hose. Where is the thermostat located in this car?
I got it installed. Works fine, but seems to keep pretty even with the stock sensor. The stock sensor seems to be after the radiator, which is weird. It's not JOBD, the JPN version of OBD2, so I may try to pull the stock sensor and hook up another aftermarket sensor and see what the temp difference really is before and after radiator.
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