Wasing machine water level switch repair- made a huge mistake not discussed in repair videos


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The water level on our GE top load washer would never adjust from medium water height. Issue is a weak design flaw that holds the switch in place- just two plastic legs that can handle the switch pressure of a woman turning it.

JB Weld to the rescue. $5.49 at Home Depot. Mixed it up nice, placed it on the switch and base, and let it sit 12 hours. Will be a stronger bond than a new panel. Put it back together at 5am this morning, and all proud of myself. Turned the switch on two extra large load and watched away as the tub filled. Success.... I thought. The tub kept filling and never stopping, next thing I know water on the floor.

I stop the machine, inspect everything. It all looks good. Maybe the switch went bad? I doubt it but possible. Inspect the switch water line. Looks fine. Watch some youtube videos on the issue- nothing that I had no already done. Late for work now.

I decide to read the little service manual for a technician. In a little corner it states "tub must be empty when replacing the water level sensor switch, and must run the washer in spin mode with the tub empty for at least one minute before placing the machine back in operation". Followed the service manual instructions. Problem solved.

Bottom line- when replacing the water level switch- or possibly disconnecting the water level switch hose- machine should be empty from water. Not seeing that mentioned in most places.

Main thing is you fixed it!
I got to mention this after seeing your pics because this happened to me. Use a tie rap on that clear tubing for the level sensing switch to secure it almost like a hose clamp. I had that line pop off once, water kept on filling the tub non stop, overflowed the tub and began to flood my utility room until I discovered it. A simple thing gone wrong with disasterous results.


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Interesting. The water level switch in my Kenmore washing machine had a similar problem. The switch is held in place by tabs molded together with the plastic fascia. Not a very robust design. It takes a fair bit of force to turn the switch. All I had to do was pop it back in and hope it doesn't pop out next time my sister uses it.
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lucky you newer machines, my girlfriends front loading 5yo whirlpool need a circuit board that controlled most everything $500!! thought about trying an E-Bay takeoff but a new simpler top loader was cheeper!! as with vehicles simpler is ALWAYS better!!