Washing car covers

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Jun 19, 2014
Clermont, Fl
Have any of you guys ever washed your car covers. I am not even sure if mine can be washed as its an old (7plus years) one with a canvass like outside and soft and fuzzy on the inside. Its only been used indoors! Its like that evolution three material.
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My wife has washed mine. Same material. Low-sudsing soap in a commercial washer. It's five years old, still holding up.
I have a couple of outdoor covers made out of Noah? fabric. Washed them individually in a washer with 2 cups of Fantastic, worked great.
Most of them can be washed. Check with the manufacturer. It's typically done on the delicate cycle, cold water, with a detergent that does NOT have fabric softener. You may want to do a second rinse cycle to ensure all of the soap gets out or it could leave a weird film on the paint.
My car cover is like denim. It must be the equivalent of about 20-25 pairs of jeans. Couldn't possibly properly clean that in my washing machine. And even then, it would take lots of agitation and rinsing to ensure any dirt or minute stone particles come out. Don't drop or drag them on the ground/pavement or you have a problem.
I have washed mine but had to go to the local laundrymat to put it in a commercial machine because it won't fit in my machine at home.
after washing if water doesn't bead you can apply a spray on fabric dwr product e.g. nikwax, whidh is typically for jackets and other camping gear
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